Monday, June 22, 2009

To the rumor-mongerers

Listen, I just don't have inside information like some of the others out there, and I won't stoop to the level of making up rumours like some other anonymous sites. What I can tell you is that as you sift through all the sludge on the web, make sure you remember that BM likes to keep his deals in the Old Boys Club. I think he'll deal with one of those other old school GMs out there. The other wild card here is if a brand new GM wants to make a splash to shock their fan base: read Dallas and Minnesota. We'll see, though, right? My hunch is he sticks to the old boys network - calling Jimmy Rutherford? I truly hope it is to a team that nobody has talked about yet, just to stick it to the experts.

And one more thing - with the latest round of posturing from Murray, let's keep our fingers crossed that he really is closing in on something. Not only do we deal with a problem player, but we get a second chance at fixing our pay structure and spread the money out a bit. Amazing how we watched the Lightning get into this mess of putting all their money into three players and then sink like a stone, and then we copied it. Let's also hope that this is an omen that Spezza truly will be the future of this franchise.

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