Friday, June 26, 2009

Live posts - smoke 'em if you got 'em

(10:20) Alright, this will be it for posts until the Jared Cowen profile later tonight. The Pronger trade was the only trade of significance, other than small movements in draft order. Let's hope that Brennan can have a convo with BM tonight. I'm curious as to what was out there and where we go from here. Sure, we can trade him on July 2nd, but that handcuffs us on the 1st with free agents. I still have to think this 'he'll play for us in the fall' is all bluff. Right?

(9:15) slats and murray talking again but dreger says murray returned to the sens table and shook his head no.

(8:57) Edmonton keeps their pick, Minnesota trades down. Both are suitors for Heatley.

(8:25) Murray on stage with the crew. Please let it be Cowen. Done deal - Jared Cowen!

(8:20) so Burke takes Kadri as Murray says, yeah that's the guy we want. Glennie to Dallas is great as it let's us pick Cowen. I'm not anti-Euro, but I want a Canadian this year. Kulikov and MSP still out there, as well. And Dreger says Murray told him no trades, nothing serious. Apparently our price is still too high - 3 good players.

(7:48) top four are as planned, duchesne to avs, kane to atl

(7:28) As planned, tavares first and hedman second. Will Colorado keep that 3rd pick.

(7:25) pronger for sbisa, lupul, and back to back first rounders. Wow!

(7:10) Tavares will go first. You can just tell in his demeanour that Garth told him already.

(7:00) Pronger to Philly.

(6:56) Dreger from Murray:no trade for Heatley. BM used the word 'dead'.

(6:46) Bolland re-signs in Chicago for 5 yrs, $18M. Saw his name in a Heatley rumour. At this point if you're an NHLer and have NOT been linked to Heatley, is that an insult?

(6:30) Niedermeyer supposedly re-signing in Anaheim, which will fuel the Pronger rumours, and the Kaberle/ Kessel trade is not even close. Apparently, they each thought they were getting the other team's pick. Oops.

(6:25) Master insider Bob McKenzie just said on the nhl network: "I don't think Dany Heatley will be traded tonight. I would be surprised if it happens.". Screw you, Bob.

(6:13) Burkie has already gone public with his attempts to trade up in tonight's draft. But don't be shocked if Murray finds a way to move up, as well. As Tim Murray said, they're about quality, not quantity in the draft. If they have to give up one of those two second rounders to slide up a couple of spots, don't fall out of your chair.


Canucnik said...


I feel for you (and all of us) but it was never there.

I blame the media, the blogs, ourselves, (HH) Heatley's handlers,
Eugene (Another major blunder). I give Bryan a pass, he never had a chance.

We got a nice sized DEFENCEMAN...grew up with some Cowens, big rough buggers.

Chin up maybe we'll pick another D-man tomorow.

duff said...

You're right. When Murray says no, he means it. I'm curious what kind of offers he's actually getting right now...

I guess we wait until July 2nd and try again, or we get Dr Phil in the room to clean up those relationships