Friday, June 26, 2009

3 Draft Day Scenarios for the top 3

Sit back while we blow your mind:

Scenario One:
1. NY Islanders take Tavares, getting a face for the franchise
2. Tampa changes their shorts and gets Hedman, the one they wanted.
3. Colorado, already determined to pass the torch from Sakic to Stastny, is luke warm on Duchesne and start to whore it out to the highest bidder. The Avs can get some nice, warm bodies in exchange for dropping down a few spots to 5, 6, etc. I wonder if they can find a way to peddle the 3rd overall plus Smyth for a younger, cheaper impact player plus a pick a few spots down...I just think that knowing how popular Duchesne has become, Colorado could drop down a few spots and clean up their payroll at the same time and still get a solid player.

Scenario Two:

1. NY Islanders take Hedman, confusing the Isles 10,000+ draft party attendees as to why he spells his name with a K.
2. Tampa freaks out because they need a d-man, not Tavares or Duchesne. They immediately trade down a few spots in a great move. They can basically drop to as low as 6th or 7th where they can pick up Cowan. By dropping those spots, they can rob another team of a top player. Toronto comes to mind. If you're Tampa, do you take Hedman, or do you swap picks with Toronto (7th) and take Kaberle and Cowan?
3. Colorado is in the same spot with Duchesne on the table.

Scenario Three:
1. NY Islanders take Duchesne, the Nassau Coliseum is burnt to the ground with Tavares jerseys used as kindling. Don't laugh, there is talk of Duchesne being the man here, and think about how Jets fans react when they don't like the draft pick...there will be way more people at Nassau...
2. Tampa gets Hedman
3. Colorado has Tavares on the table. Again, if you're the Avs and you have Stastny, Hejduk, Wolski, etc., I wonder if you don't peddle the pick for a few players and then draft a few spots down...Would that blow your mind if Tavares doesn't get drafted in the top three?

Alright, so basically all three scenarios have the Avs trading the pick and dropping down. In all likelihood, they'll just take the last of the big three available. But these aren't completely out of the question and goes to show you how much is riding on that Islanders pick in less than four hours...

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