Thursday, June 25, 2009

Heatley to Minnesota?

Take it with a whole jar full of salt, but Brennan is saying that BM has found a deal with the Wild that he likes and he's now asking Heatley's agents if he'll waive the NMC to go there. Click here for link. Honestly, it pains me so deeply to quote Brennan and link twitter in the same post. Sad day for me, no doubt. Unless Minnesota put a deadline on the offer, I can't imagine why Murray would do anything before the draft begins. I said earlier that Murray's challenge was to go to bed Thursday night with an offer in hand and then spend Friday telling the other teams to try and match it all the way up to the first round.


Master Of Puppets said...

The 'tweet' says 15 hrs ago and there hasn't been any breaking news today so I'd bet its just rumour mongering. The next 30 hrs should be interesting ones for BM.

Panzeri at the citizen had some thoughts about Minnesota too so it could just be a repeat of that or maybe there is a fire at the source of this smoke.

I'm betting its too soon or maybe talk just to drive the price up a little ...

duff said...

I think you're right in that it is just to keep the prices up. This is exactly what Murray needed to do - keep enough teams interested right up until the last minute so that he could hopefully have a frantic bidding war tomorrow night before the picks begin. I think at this point, it is inevitable that this trade is done before Friday is done.