Saturday, September 12, 2009


According to TSN, done deal. Analysis coming. Michlek is a stud, but Cheechoo is the Penner. Michalek makes $4.3M and Cheechoo is $3M, so this saves less than 200K. Curious to see if Murray can go and get a defenceman now of equal salary via trade, like Anton Babchuk.

Also, let's start thinking about forward lines!


Master Of Puppets said...

Honestly, Cheechoo for 3M per and 2 years is a hell of a lot better than some of the other shite mentioned. Imagine Campbell - whoa.

Forward depth. A second line center would have been nice. Wow. What a ride!

Let the shit flinging start!

Master Of Puppets said...

Remember the Michalek, Erhoff and a pick rumour? Was this any better?

I say the same. We'll see how Erhoff does with the Canucks to appreciate his value (if it is higher than Cheech).

Maybe Cheechoo will post 60 points and earn the 3M.

Michalek seems like the big agressive MF we needed.

One thing's for sure, if these guys throw twice as many hits as Heatley (each), I don't care if they only pot 20 goals apiece.

I know there are doubters.
Grinder will be on the fence. Swinging his dick, flashing his wallet and snuggling with his hot wife. Sorry Grinder, after that 6th Sens tennis match, I had too. :)

Leclaire iffy.
Kovalev iffy.
Cheechoo iffy.

C'mon what are the chances they all suck at the same time?

Bright side boys - Michalek is better than anything the Laffs have on their top line.

Let's hope Clouston can get the best out of em!

C'mon Nik where are ya?

Canucnik said...

To the "Master":

Not bad...I'm not blown away but I can live with this.

1) Mr. Cheechoo has actually scored fifty goals in one season, now we don't have "old Joe" but we do have Fish who's looking for someone to cary.

2) We like the pick...the way we have been drafting, Dorion and Murray the Younger will do something good here...another big D-Man...remember I want 'em everywhere...Jr. A; Europe, Russia and the "A".

3) I can't get a handle on Michlek but if he's half a good as you say he is...Bryan did OK.

Remember Wilson got himself a heck of a hockey player in shape for the Olympics.

Canucnik said...

Michalek...take two!

My scouts don't like it...6'2" two and a quarter and only 50 come all the big Euros who can mix it up seem to stay in the Western Conference.

Apparently the Draft Pick is too late 60th or a hundred and 60th it's all the same guys.

Coming out of camp these two players (Plugs?) completely plug any holes there could have been for "New Blood".

My guys don't like like it but Bryan got fleeced.

Anonymous said...

nik .. BM wanted to move on .. DH should be ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

To clarify my point .. For a team that gave him a rich contract and a fresh start. The least that should happened .. is to at least try and smile to your team mates and fans. and quietly tell BM that he hopes that something will be done later. That he is commited to the team until BM finds something suitable. But no .. DH made sure to alienate the teammates, team staff and his city. He had to go. So fleeced yes .. but by DH.. SJ was simply an opportunistic GM who got lucky ..

pynch said...

Obviously having Heatley without the saga would be the best case scenario. Given the baggage Heatley would have brought to the club this year, we HAD to get rid of him. We were in a tough spot and BM managed to add a couple of experienced forwards to round out the scoring. I believe Spez and Kovy will be special together, Michalek will make them more of a treat. Cheechoo has declined in recent years but will likely give us depth in third line scoring, unless he cracks the second line.

Anyways, I shouldn't specutate. I'm not the coach and I trust Clouston.

Whether we got fleeced or not in the deal is moot. We had to shed the Heatley saga. A deal had to be done. Now we have a clean slate and should be ready to focus on the task at hand.

To me, the worst part of all of this is that San Jose never comes to Ottawa this year. Or is that the best part? Good riddance, Dany.

Canucnik said...

Notice to the NHL!

Watch out for this Wilson guy he's a cripple shooter! First "Big Joe" and now "Heatley"...he gets the defenceless GM in the corner kicks him in the nuts and grabs the the cripple.

So far the cripples haven't come through for him it would be fitting for these "Big Time" cast offs to win the Presidents' Trophy again and go out in 4 straight for the next 5 years!

There is no hiding this Bryan got fleeced! If I'm Zach, Milan and I go first practice!

Canucnik said...

Well pynch:

I am the coach and I just went from 2nd to 9th in a matter of one phone call.

Duff got his wish but he didn't get his CAP space or the caliber of player he expected...there were a ton of you guys!

If I'm CC I get the whip out early and start lookin' for a fast start because we don't have the horses for the final stretch drive.

The more you look at it the madder I get...a 2nd instead of a FIRST...Cheechoo!!!!He was the deal breaker at all costs...and this 1st Rounder after 3-4 years with Marleau and/or Thornton never reached his potential...wait till he gets a look at Fish or Kelly even!

pynch said...

Nik my good man,

If you mean that Ottawa was a 2nd place team with Heatley in the lineup, then I believe you are delusional. I'm as optimistic as the next guy, I'm a fan, and I love your enthusiasm. That said, picture Dany skating for Ottawa. From game one until the trade deadline (where you expected him to be dealt, the fans would shower the SBP with boos everytime he hit the ice. The media would have questions for not only Heatley but the team, day in and day out. I know they're professionals, but they're people too, and this would take it's toll on the entire team. All this, and I haven't even mentioned the dressing room tension between the guys and Dany. Talk about disfunction, this would inevitably ruin the season.

Would I prefer a better return? Is Heatley worth a better return? Do I like to ask obvious question? No need for multiple choice here, the answer to all the above is yes. But do you not think Murray tried to get a first rounder? Whether he did or not, SJ held more cards knowing that BM was desperate. If he could've gotten a first rounder, I'll place my money on "I'm sure he would have".

Your points are valid. I'm not sold on Cheechoo like everyone else and would've liked more than a second rounder. The fact is, we can rejoice that the saga is over. We can nitpick the trade, but what's done is done. No booing anyone in red this year. This team should have the full support of its fans and I believe that is more important than spending 3/4 of a season with Heatley when we would have likely gotten a better return.

So let's get excited! Preseason starts in two days and the season in less than a month. New faces mean exciting times ahead!

Question for all - do you take Heatley in your pool?

Canucnik said...


Don't be so nieve, the dilution is all yours and are officially a second tier representation on Team Canada...Jason will be snubbed in deference to Dany.

I would like to place you as a fly on the wall in BARRY's parlour tonight, where you will here the clear truth of today's transaction. I'm afraid the laugh is on me, Bryan and a couple of others who thought we could keep this together.

Another long season...send "Erik" back for all our sakes...

This year I am going to St.Pete and I shall become Eugene's worst nightmare fan! Untouchable...I shall blog for my SENS through the Lighting, who with the new French Connection will also kick the shit out of us.

Anonymous said...

1) Considering that we lost Vermette's PK skills, Michalek fills a need.
2) Leclair should be consistent so let's hope for 55+ games from him.
3) Clouston should keep Kovalev and Cheechoo somewhat focused.
4) Heatley's been dogging it for at least 2 years, whether fans will admit it or not (and regardless of whether you believe me that I've been saying this for 2 years...)

Minimum outcome: make the playoffs if the psycho Leaves D doesn't injure someone.
Best case: 2 or 3 rounds

Canucnik said...

2) Leclaire and Elliott will play their collective nuts off.

4) Your Heatley dogging it starts for Team Canada so give yourself a shake.

3) Clouston is going to be our worst nightmare...sensing his own demise he will bear down on Kovy and Cheech and they will put up with our little American Leaguer for exactly 5 games. Don't get me wrong I like the guy but Bryan wrote his death warrant today.

1) Last but not least ya don't trade 50 goal scorers for fuckin' Penalty Killers!

Anonymous said...

Canucnik, you've forgotten about the addition of Kovalev. The 2 new dudes don't replace Heatley's potential 50 goals but with Kovalev on board, that's not what was needed on this team.

Now at least, we're not just a one line team anymore.
Look at it as Vermette + Heatley gone & Kovalev, Michaelek + Cheechoo added. Overall effect is potentially greater through distribution.

No highlight reel one timers but better PP & PK percentages.

If we can finally keep the puck out of our net, we don't need 6 -7 goals per night to get wins. 2 or 3 should do.

pynch said...

Anon 11:34 - Love it! The Kovy point is bang on. Have you been reading my mind? Stay tuned my next post, as it is perfectly in line with your latest comment. And I promise I'm not stealing your thunder, I brought it up with Duff last night...ask him!

Joshua Lind said...

What I don't like about the trade is that we now have three great right wingers, with little on the left wing, and arguably less at centre.

Cheechoo makes too much for the 3rd line, but Alfie and Kovalev both play that same wing. I'm glad we got Michalek to play on the left, and I think Foligno can handle the 2nd, but I don't know about Fisher centring it.

Where do you guys see Cheechoo fitting?

Anonymous said...


Thank you for acknowledging my wondrous insight! Please feel free to quote me whenever you wish!

I didn't see Kovalev at today's love-in @ SBP although I got to meet Schubert & saw Foligno, Campoli, Kelly, and Winchester (I think) up close.

Alfredsson & Clouston appeared to be in good spirits.

Cheechoo is expected to play on Wednesday. Michalek is expected to arrive on Tuesday so might not play til the weekend.

No great insights at the Q&A but the mood seemed light and "relieved". That festering boil has finally been lanced. Regretable though it may have been, the procedure was necessary. Things will be better in the long run.

P.S. Would love to see Volchenkov check Heatley during Olympics resulting in a DH shoulder dislocation. Would even accept Russian gold if this happened. Not that I'm bitter in any way...


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