Sunday, September 06, 2009

Heatley invited to Sens camp!

Much to the surprise of Dany Heatley and his handlers, #15 must start thinking about packing his bags for Ottawa. BM told Garrioch in the Ottawa Sun today that they've sent out their standard camp mail, including the offer to Dany to help with his travel arrangements from Kelowna to Ottawa.

Murray adds that, as usual, there is nothing new to report on trade negotiations. He's still talking to the same two teams and they're still offering the same inadequate returns. Booboo does add, though, that Murray is demanding Thornton, while Doug Wilson has neither offered him nor Marleau. He also suggests that the Rags are the second team.

“Basically, what I’ve said (to other teams) is just tell me what you’re willing to do, I’ll talk to you and we’ll go from there and we’ll make a decision one way or another. But, I can’t say I’m overly optimistic now.”

Question - does the Euge, who is publicly upset and rattled by the whole saga, call Murray and just say, "get this mook out of here before camp, regardless of the return." Or does he not make any calls to the office and let Murray bring in the Heat to play through the season, distractions and all? I already know where some of you stand on this, with most people starting to think that he'll be a Senator this Fall. But if you were holding out hope of a last minute trade, this is a bit deflating for you. I'm still on the fence. A small part of me thinks that Murray just takes the garbage that Doug Wilson is offering, which is probably Cheechoo, Vlasic, and a prospect. Another part of me knows how stubborn Murray is and thinks that to prove his point, he'll just let Dany rot in town all season, knowing that there is enough character in this room to overcome the distractions.

Also, if you didn't catch it earlier, Alfie had some choice words which the Sun quickly took to mean, 'nobody wants him here'. Good on Alfie to not just give the normal 'we'll welcome him back with open arms' garbage that Fisher still lays on the table. These players should be offended by this and should expect a nice steak dinner and a commitment to leave it outside the rink.

And finally, unrelated to the Sens, a quiet move from Toronto tonight as they've reacquired their 2nd round pick from 2010. I guess one way to get Kessel out of Boston is to just give him a nice $4.6M offer sheet, since the Leafs now have their first three picks again. The Bruins are over the cap as it stands today without Kessel, which especially stinks since they're paying $2.2M in the buyouts of Glen Murray, Patrick Eaves, and Peter Schaefer. Maybe Burkie can find some offence after all! I can't wait to look back on the comments that he made about Kevin Lowe when the Oilers took Penner away on an offer sheet. You can accuse Burke of a lot of things, and being a hypocrite is definitely one of them! Putting the cart before the horse here, no question, but the table is certainly set here.

Reminder (sorry, just found the updated numbers for 2009-10 and edited this):
Amount Compensation Due
$994,433 or below - None
Over $994,433 to $1,506,716 -Third-round choice
Over $1,506,716 to $3,013,434 - Second-round choice
Over $3,013,434 to $4,520,150 - First-round and third-round choice
Over $4,520,150 to $6,026,867 - First-round, second-round and third-round choice
Over $6,026,867 to $7,533,584 - Two first-round choices, one second- and one third-round choice
Over $7,533,584 - Four first-round choices


Canucnik said...


Dany is "ours" till the trade deadline at least.

What we didn't know till now was Doug Wilson comes with the garbage offer...Bryan says "Marleau"

Wilson with even more garbage...Bryan says "Thornton" or in other words "Fuck Off!"

And he basically said the same thing to Sather demanding a player they didn't have signed.

This was "The Plan!"

PS: Kessel by himself on the Leafs...impotent! But a flashy play by Burkie.

pynch said...
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pynch said...

Remember when TO signed Blake to $4MM a year? The same is shaping up for Kessel. Sure, Kessel's better than Blake, but not worth $4MM in my mind. I hope the Leafs do this, and they keep spinning their wheels and ruin any chance of rebuilding.

As for Dany, I still think he'll be moved next week. Another team will step up. I just can't see him in a Sens uni next season. That said, I don't believe BM or the Euge will settle for an inadequate deal. They are both winners and put business first. Plus, I think the Euge would actually get a bit of enjoyment seeing the fans tear Heatley a new A at SBP, and I'm not referring to the one previously on his jersey.

Canucnik said...


Bryan is playing as well as he ever has since coming here if he deals #15 now you are going to miss the Greatest Show on Ice!

Anonymous said...

Does danny .. under pressure decide that edmonton is better than facing the heat in Ottawa ??

duff said...

I wonder the same thing, anonymous, about Heatley and Edmonton. There's no doubt in my mind if the handlers called Murray and said, change of heart, please send us to Edmonton, that deal could be done before you can say Jack Robinson. The question then becomes, what is the root of Heatley's trade demand? If it is merely the diminished role but nothing personal, then he can just suck it up and play in Ottawa. If it is something deeper than that and has personal implications, then he'll want out of Ottawa at any cost.

Either way, I'm sure Brennan will pitch a tent at YOW and wait for Heatley's flight to arrive all week.

Canucnik said...


Brennan has picked up his game considerably in Garriock's absence. He's a little loud but reflects many of my own thoughts in reguard to #15.

If there was a "Gangster's Moll", Heater would be done by now...this is like your favorite nephew, who is a great kid and who just needs a good swift kick in the "Arse".

"It's almost Showtime!"

PS: The "Captain"; L'Artiste; the Tranna Play Maker and the German Sharp Shooter...we are back runnin' with the BIG Dogs!

Anonymous said...

Root of DH trade demand ?? who knows .. May be DH the shallow person that he is doesn't know himself. He's also delusional if he thinks that there are "options". So far there are only two "options": Edmonton or Ottawa. Murray is one of the most tight lipped GMs around. He may deal him for nothing or keep him around. He's in control. I am not going to be surprised either way. Nor will I be surprised if DH decides to go back to the Edmonton "option".

Canucnik said...

Anonymous 4:40

This is not a shallow person, Dan Heatley has a large and deep ego which you have to have to score 50 goals in this league.

BARRY created the dilusion of "Options", the man offered the other GMs everything...future clients, sex, money you name it.

Dany says: "I'm upset!"

The gf says: "I'm with you lets blow this town!"

BARRY says: "Tell Murray to trade you...right now! If he will not move, we'll go public and force him to make a trade!

Dany says: "I don't want to look too bad over this."

BARRY says: "We'll make it up to the fans after you win the gold medal! Ya know what I mean business strictley business!"

PS: Enjoy the show Heatley is bigger and faster and quicker than he has ever been before. Think 39 @ the TDD!

Canucnik said...

Monday, September 7th,2009

Roger's Channel 22 (Leafs TV???)

7pm Rookie Camp Exhibition Game...

We think its the SENS!

Anonymous said...

Nik .. I am not sure about what you're saying .. Barry has already had his pay day with the 7 year deal. I don't think he wants the headache cause he already has collected. I don't think the driver is the agents in this case. What do they gain from this ??

Canucnik said...

Anonymous 5:49

BARRY has got a lot of the money front ended but not all, however this is not about money, this is about power, this is about calling the shots...Alf, the Sedins, Big Dan.. this guy thinks he is the Cat's Ass (and he is!). This was/is about who is the smartest guy in the room...all the top agents have so much money coming in they don't even need to get it all up front anymore.

I've sat and had beers with these guys...a couple of biggest's all about who is the player...who is the big shooter!

No names, I could not understand about half of it...but the drift was "We handled that or My Associate "Stacey" did a nice job on that file!"

PS: Who is so fuckin' "Big" that he can leave his client with the "Second Stringer" for the most important press conference of his client's career.

Canucnik said...


I apologize for the F word but just thinking about BARRY get my BP a way up.

Had Stacey been allowed to handle this atonomously I think he would have tried to talk Dany out of it or at least delay until they got a clearer picture.

Remember it's the Agents job to know the market and the current market value of his client. I think that "Brain Dead BARRY" decided he was going to throw his weight around and then was unable to back track.

I certainly could be wrong but I have been known to be very intuitive at times.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the agents in these case. Believe it or not .. Chris Phillips has Barry for an agent. chris has been nothing but a model Sen. that is why I belive DH is the root of evil in this case. So in theory, one interpretation is that .. Barry wanted things done differently, Stacey and DH thought otherwise. When it came to the CC, Stacey had to do the dirty work.

I think what it is here .. is a precedent (sp?). Long term contract + NMC does not equal a free agent who can move freely around. Even if one is a high end goal scorer.

Canucnik said...


Philips too, does this guy have everyone.

You are close I agree that this is a precedent and Heater is wrong...he's not a free agent.

What stuck me odd was coming up to the draft JP is in deep doo doo, it looks like BARRY has over played his hand and over priced the Sedins...boom Van settles...JP is Superman the super Agent and he says to DH and Stacey "Let's go... let's play hard ball I got your back"...that's why he's never there or they arn't there together..."Deniability".

Who cares anymore I want Heatley at the Olympics representing me and leading Canada...then if he wants to go give me my pound of flesh.

PS: Can you imagine how much money the "Creatives" have made in Ottawa to play us like this.

Anonymous said...

If DH is the shallow person who I think he is .. he'll come around when Spezza and his friends are surrounding him during the regular season.

Canucnik said...

Forget all the pyschological stuff, the love/hate relationship, "screw" Heatley...I want him cause this summer he did more laps to the raft, more gassers in the back yard, more chin ups than he's done in three years...he's bigger, faster, heavier and quicker than ever before...we paid for it and I want it for the Sens and Canada.

As I have been trying to tell you for months...if he's still horsing around at the TRADE DEADLINE I shall personally guarantee Big Meat comin' back our may be a pick and a prospect and it may just make up the next iteration of the Black Hawks

Sens4Life said...

uhh. you said we got campoli in the meszaros trade. im pretty sure we got campoli from the islanders along with comrie for mcammond and san jose's 1st pick. correct me if im wrong...