Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Best Former Sens - All Skaters

Okay, before the goalies are released tomorrow, here's a look at the starting lines in our Best Former Sens series. Remember, former modern day Sens with 50 games in Ottawa.

1st line: McEachern-Yashin-Hossa
2nd line: Arvedson-White-Havlat
3rd line: Prospal-Smolinski-Dackell
4th line: Cunneyworth-Kudelski-Peluso

1st pairing: Chara-Redden
2nd pairing: Duchesne-Meszaros
3rd pairing: MacIver-Shaw

Those lines kinda lack depth, but that fourth line would be interesting to play. You might get an elbow in the corner from Cunney, a sniper shot from the slot from Kudelski, or a punch in the teeth from Peluso. Talent-wise, Prospal would probably bump up to the second line with White and Havlat and that would be a pretty decent group for secondary scoring. Arvedson/Smoke/Dackell would be a fierce checking line like Pahlsson/Moen/Niedermeyer were against us in the Finals. That defence is rock solid, too.

Goalies are out first thing Wednesday morning.


Nichols said...

No Tomas Jelinek?

I call bullshit.

duff said...

I forgot the one final criteria - two distinguishable eyebrows. That, sadly, spells the end of Jelinek.