Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Final Hours - Terrible Trade Coming?

Start calling him Bruce 'Marleau to the Kings' Garrioch, as Booboo has heard rumblings of a three-way deal that involves Stoll and Frolov to Ottawa, Heatley to the Sharks, and Marleau to the Kings. No confirmation from Murray, even though it sounds like Garrioch has been joined at the hip with him throughout the entire rookie tournament. Murray said he talked to a few teams Tuesday and didn't hear back from anyone Wednesday, thus is expecting Heater in Kanata on Friday for golf.

So at one moment, we're being told that trade talks are as dry as the desert and Heatley has his bags packed for YOW. The next moment, we're hearing this three-way deal might keep everyone happy, since Marleau can waive his NTC and just drive down the coast to SoCal (instead of having to move East). This is one of the only trades that would actually have fans wishing we could have gotten Dustin Penner! Frolov is Alex Kovalev Lite and Stoll is the runaway groom. At least Comrie is still with his hollywood girlfriend!

On a side note, I was talking with a buddy tonight about how badly the publicity of this trade request hurt the actual trade return. The scenario we came up was, what if you woke up one day in early June and read that Dany Heatley the happy Senator had been traded to Edmonton for Penner, Cogliano, and Smid. You would honestly flip out. You'd burn down the arena! Am I wrong?

Garrioch went on to get a pretty good Q&A with Murray on a few topics. Nothing groundbreaking, but reading through it, I found myself getting really excited about this season. Even if Heatley is here, I'm pumped about Pascal and the offensive blueliners and Spezza. The article seems to be that whole 'the summer is over and the ice is ready' kind of thing. The first preseason game is less than a week away!

I'm personally at a point now where I just want to see hockey again. If #15 laces up for us and the players accept him back in the room, then we move on. Who isn't so exasperated with this that they've put their hurt feelings aside? Sure, Heatley will have a tough time with fans and the Ottawa Sun writers, but he's a professional and they'll be just fine on the ice. If Heatley does miraculously get traded in the next few days, then we get some new bodies in the room and all the more reason to be excited.

Seriously, is there anyone out there whose anger over Heatley is still greater than their excitement at just getting back to hockey?


Canucnik said...


If we lose our "Olympic" sized Heater @ the start of camp...I'm blaiming you and your poll!

duff said...

Nik- consider the 'plays the season with ottawa' to include the 'and gets traded at the deadline' piece you want. But will BM move heatley if we're in the top eight around the deadline?

Canucnik said...


Not good enough?

Because for luck I want to be wrong for the first time in my life.

This is getting serious we may actually get to keep him...Bryan is not only a genius, he's the most patient genius we've ever had.

Can you imagine Dany focused on revenge...Kovy on pay back...Jason on I told you so...and "Erik" with his boyhood hero on the power Kovy and Heater will really have something to bitch about but who cares Alf and Karlsson will have the Net completely filled!

PS: Alf teaches Nick to poach and in the process picks up 40...ya gotta believe!

Canoe said...

Are you kidding me? I think that frolov, stoll is a great return maybe through a pick in though...

frolov is a very underrated goal scorer playing with spezza he could do great things. maybe not score as many goals as heatley but he could make up a good portion of it. 32 goals heatley had 39... playing with spezza and alfie or kovalev! thats a line he never had he would be great.
stoll! stoll is awesome.. great work horse and a second line centerman we need... through fisher on his wing and alfie/kovalev that a Solid second line... frolov spezza kovalev .... fisher stoll alfie
that looks pretty amazing to me...
frolov 59 stoll 41 this year thats 100 and a bunch more points on those cause they will be playing on real lines thats depth we never had and the scoring would be made up ... if murray can make this happen possible getting mcginn from san jose or a pick from either i say go for it... we need to spread our salary more this would be a good move to make us tougher and players that would work verrryy well under clouston come on murray!

Grinder said...

I don't agree with Canoe... It just doesn't add up as far as I am concerned.

eli said...

Much as I dislike agreeing with you Grinder, this doesn't quite work for me either. There should be something coming back on defence IMO, or at least some kind of young prospect.