Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tips for (Not) Cheering for Heatley at the Olympics

While the Sens aren't in action, we're spoiled by getting to watch Canada's super power Olympic team take to the ice. This 4 year event is very special and gets me so excited. I simply love this country and this hockey team.

But as a Sens fan, there is obviously some mixed emotion about Canada's #15. It's no surprise Heatley is on this team and, given his talent, he damn well should be. But the fact that all Sens fans, and to some extent Oiler fans, loathe Dany boy makes it tricky for us to feel good when he scores. His two goal performance on Tuesday night was a prime example. And let's face it friends, he's not gonna stop scoring.

So, as we gear up to watch another game tonight, and a few more after that, Another Ottawa Senators Blog has developed tips to help you cope with Heatley's presence on Team Canada. Please enjoy...

Tips for (Not) Cheering for Heatley at the Olympics

#1 - If you own a Heatley jersey, burn it. After the party, and as the hangover's wearing off, go out and purchase a new Team Canada jersey. But who should you put on the back? I suggest Rick Nash. Not only is he a fan favourite, he doesn't pose a threat to the Sens...ever. He's a long term Blue Jacket and Columbus is a long ways away from the playoffs. And even if they ever make it, they should never burn Ottawa in the first round (let's face it, there won't be a second round). So, Nash will never be a guy we hate. And if for some inexplicable reason you hate Nash, you can also get an Iginla jersey, for very similar reasons. And finally, when in doubt, get a Gretzky jersey. Everyone will love you.
#2 - Always keep in the front of your mind that you're cheering for Canada, not any individual player. So, when Heatley scores (and yes, he will again), raise your arms and celebrate for the scoreboard, not the scorer.
#3 - Remember these words, "What a pass!" When Dany scores, it'll most likely be the result of a great set up rather than a flashy dangle. Never give him credit, but lose your mind on the set up that caused the play.
#4 - Enjoy the PK. While we'll all be on the edge of our seats, Heatley will also be flat on his. That's two minutes we can be assured we don't have to see him on the ice.
#5 - For every poor defensive play Heatley makes, say "Fisher wouldn't have done that!"
#6 - While Heatley and the other Sharks are playing 5 games, most of the Sens are mending wounds and getting rest - ready to be fresh for the final 20 games of the season. Don't forget that.

Also, please share tips of your own to help out all us in the Sens Nation! And enjoy the Olympic action. Go Canada!!


Oman said...

Does anyone else find it uncanny that Shmeatly has lined himself up once more with a #19 center another #11?

My personal strategy will be to imagine it's the pizza line of yore in the Stanley Cup final of 07, well before Mr. Doucheldorf revealed his true doucheness to us all in that forgettable summer of 09.

Anonymous said...

Dany Heatley is a friggin rock star... the best weapon on Team canada by a mile. We were lucky to have him in Ottawa and I haven't been able to get excited about the Sens at all since he left. Despite the petty bullshit from this and other blogs, he is proving - yet again - that he is one of the greatest scorers in the game. Just sayin'


duff said...

Grinder, we're a bitter set of fans in Ottawa. In fact, Sens fans are easily the most fickle, the most sensitive, and the most fairweather fans in the country. How else do you explain people leaving SBP early in that 6-5 win over Washington last week?

With regard to Heatley, I think we all know that he is one of the greatest scorers of our generation. He is certainly the best scorer we ever had in Ottawa. It is because of his exit that we're upset with him. We are so sensitive that if someone says that they don't like us as much as we like them, then our admiration immediately turns to scathing hate. Heatley is the prime example. We know his talent, but we hate that he wanted to be somewhere else to display it, that's all.

I still have a tough time cheering for him, but do love seeing Canada open up this 1-0 lead over the Swiss.

pynch said...

Well said Duff. And I'm pretty sure Heatley got an assist on the last goal, and I cheered hard.

Grinder - as Duffy said, it's not that we don't recognise Heatley's talent, we're just bitter that he chose to leave. And we're just havin' fun here. That sums it up.

And to say you haven't been excited this year is surprising. I'm loving the work ethic and ability to win we've showcased. I think many fans would agree.

In any case, not to be defensive or to dwell, let's all enjoy this powerhouse Canadian team and go for gold!

Too bad the Swiss just ruined my 5pts I would've got in my Olympic pool for a Brodeur shutout. D'oh!

Go Canada!

Tank Abbott said...

Ha, great article. Also enjoyed this one my friend sent me about how Kypreos is 10 times better than Dreger:

Anonymous said...

Think it is time for us Sens fans to move on.. you still hear whining in Sens blogs about Heatly and from time to time from our local media. Collectively we are sounding alot like the obsessed jilted girlfriend/boyfriend. Was he selfish? yeah, was it a crummy way for him to leave after signing a contract? sure.. but its in the past so lets move on .. he is arguably the Best Canadian player so far.. ..

The Sens are rolling and with any luck at trade deadline will add more firepower for a deep run.
Just my two cents

Anonymous said...

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And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

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davidgood said...

Grinder is right. Heatley has been huge. And after today's performance, I will pass on burning his jersey.

hockeydan said...

David, you ignorant slut.