Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ottawa or Canada - question of the day.

Quick question this morning - when you saw that Slovakia upset Sweden last night, what part of that brings the best news? Is it the Canada doesn't have to face the reigning Gold medal winners, or is it that Alfie gets to go home and have an extra week of rest?


I'm pumped for Canada, but had Sweden won last night, they would have locked in two more games - the semifinal and either the gold or bronze medal game. Now, Alfie gets the extra week of recovery. That's just as brilliant, as far as I'm concerned. Especially considering Canada was like a high speed freight train last night.


Master Of Puppets said...

I don't care what kind of Halak is in net if Canada brings that kind of effort last night to the Sloveens then it's lights out. I want to see it over by the 10 minute mark of the 1st. 4-0 with Halak on the pine wondering WTF, was that a train?

To hell with the dramatic nailbiters I want dominance and nothing less than a good old fashioned rout will do.

And save your best for the US. I'd love to see them get creamed as well. Sleeping Giant awake now?

Last night it was the bottom six who made the diff - Getzlaf line, Morrow line.

It's scary what this team would be like if all 4 lines played lights out at the same time. Not saying Iggy and the kid played poor but they can do better. Wow.

I know it's not gonna be this easy but if you can destroy a strong Russian team, you should be able to bring it for 2 more super efforts and make it look like a cakewalk.

That was a thing of absolute beauty.

Master Of Puppets said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm relieved - that the Ottawa players are coming back unscathed.

Extra rest for Alfie will pay down the road for the SENS!

He's the reason I'm a SENS fan!

Montrealer here!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's good. Almost as importantly Volchie is a) coming back unhurt and b) coming back without a crazy appreciated value (diminished?). Kuba's not hurt, Mich is good, Ruutu? Is he playing for Finland? I don't think he really gets hurt anyway.


Anonymous said...

It bites both ways though: Ovie, Malkin, and Semin will all be well-rested.


pynch said...

Hey Tim,

Remember before the Olympics, when the Sens beat the Caps and Pens? These guys can rest up all they want! haha.

But yes, Olymics aside, it's nice that our boys are coming home early. Too bad for their Olympic efforts, but I frankly don't care. Maybe returning without a medal will inspire them to win in the playoffs! Not that Alfie needs any additional inspiration...

I would've liked to see Sweden on Friday, but I'll take Slovakia. I'm pretty sure nobody can stop Canada if they keep rolling like they did last night!

Happy Alfie can rest. Happy Canada continues.

Go Canada! Go Sens!

duff said...

On one hand, Tim, I think the rest has an exponentially better effect on Alfie at his age than it does for the younr Russians. But on the other hand, the humiliation last night should make Ovechkin quite a bit hungrier with a lot more to prove this postseason, which isn't good for opponents.

Who knows, though, maybe Ovie will keep up this trend. Game 7 against the Pens last year and now this. He's gota have such deep hatred/jealousy of Crosby by now.

Anonymous said...

Alfie back home early, huzzah!

Anonymous said...

Seriously though, any team with Philips and Volchenkov can shut down Washington if they play at their potential. We've seen it many times. They make OV disappear. I think Pittsburgh and (now) NJ are bigger threats. At least we've found out that if you come at Brodeur really hard and fast he will make all sorts of bonehead decisions with the puck!


Canucnik said...

Hugo and "Karl" will give Alfie a hug and we'll be ready for the run to season's end.

Man would that bucket ass Kubina (240 lbs) look good linin' up beside Carkner.

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