Friday, July 10, 2009

What would you need from Heatley for him to return to the Sens?

Eugene said yesterday that it isn't out of the question that Dany Heatley returns to the Sens this Fall. Question for you, the standard Ottawa Senators fan: what would it take for you to accept Dany back? Flowers and an apology? An opening night hat trick? Or has he made this irreconcilable? I'll give my thoughts on it tonight, but I'm quite sure he'll need a PR agency to start. Keep in mind, too, that Heatley coming back would likely require us to waive Schubert and force Gator into retirement. A return has consequences on other people's lives, too...

What do you think?


Rob R. said...

Hmmm... an interesting question you've put out there.

For me, personally, it would take a large donation to a local charity... probably CHEO or some similar organization.

Follow that up with a press conference where he answers each and every question that's asked of him, regardless of how uncomfortable the answers might make him. If nothing else, I think we Sens fans deserve an honest explanation of what the problem is/was.

At the end of the press conference, he publicly gives the "A" to Fisher, and makes promises to be a more complete player, and to buy into Clouston's system, which was undeniably successful at the end of last season.

Then, he shares a group hug with Clouston, Alfie, The Euge and BM.

Oh, and he will also be required to score no fewer than two goals per game for the first 15 games of the season.

If he fails to uphold any part of this bargain, then he agrees (in writing) to being publicly tarred and feathered, and then paraded down Bank Street in his LA Kings boxer shorts.

That should do, for starters...

whereisian said...

My list is pretty close to Rob R. plus:

He has to include a long winded apology during is press conference.

He has to fire his agents.

Canucnik said...

Stacie McAlpine and JP BARRY, fired separately and in that order for dramatic emphasis, symbolically tarring and feathering them publicly for their trip home to Calgary.

Now Bryan, stop fucking's the DEFENCEMEN,where monetary gains will be had...

Schub walks...right now.
The old cowboy is gone, bought or reserved.
It's New Jersey time, any old boy with a hang nail is injury reserved.
A lessor trade of one of our NHL "Only" for a 2 way contract would go a long way to allowing the movement of guys (read money)around.

This is doable...get tough!

Anonymous said...

If the players accept him back, that is good enough for me.

If the players don't, move him.



Grinder said...

What would be awesome is if people would stop acting like Heatley is somehow any less loyal than, lets say Melnyk or Murray.

The Sens demonstrate their loyalty to players and staff all the time, don't they? They just dumped Auld's salary, for example, and I doubt if Murray lost any sleep wondering whether Auld liked it here in Ottawa. What about Vermette? Was he owed any loyalty?

Despite years of loyal and dedicated service to the team and to the community, Roy Mlakar was recently dumped without a semblance of class from the team. They waited so long to pronounce themselves on Mlakar that he lost job opportunities elsewhere. Nice! I don't hear anyone wondering about loyalty...

What about Redden, whose play slipped after the death of his mother? Where was the loyalty to him? He loved Ottawa and fought to stay as long as possible. Basically, did anyone care?! Shit no - we wanted him GONE!

I could go on for days!

And what about our new star? Is Alex Kovalev more loyal to his team than Heatley? Is he? Lets ask the hundreds of fans in Montreal who paraded with signs, begging Alex to stay. How loyal do you think they would say he is? When he described Carbonneau as confused and confusing, was he being any worse than Heatley who hates the little general in Ottawa?

Ya, they are all the same - including Alex Kovalev, who is clearly loyal...

like Heatley...

If we can keep Heatley, we should be smart enough to kiss his hairy butt, because there are VERY few Dany Heatley type scorers around.

If he's guilty of being self-serving, then that puts him in great company, with the likes of Melnyk and Murray.

Get over it!

Gerald Norton (Sensay) said...

To my mind, a public gesture is important in sowing the seeds of reconciliation.
Something for the community, a cash donation, the purchase of medical equipment, etc.
The remainder, IMO, takes place within the org. He showes up in shape, ready to earn his #1 line status through hard work, dedication to the team, its management and its coaches.
The fact is, a verbal apology is only words. Wothout the deeds, they will always be viewed with an eye toward scepticism. Seriously, at this point, do you think anyone cares what Heatley has to say? My judgement will be based upon his actions, flowery apologies, of any content, will ring hollow at this point.
Would I accept him back?
Let's use a financial comparison. If "good-will" were assets, Dany would be bankrupt. IMO, he has drained his "good-will" account dry, and left it in arears. He has lost his moral solvency, and no creditor in his right mind would loan him any unsecured "good-will".
Fool us once Dany...
But, if he competes hard, is a positive member of the dressing room, does his part to shoulder the media firestorm his return would generate, and not shy away from it, forcing other team members to face the heat on his behalf, then I"ll give him credit, secured against the balance he keeps in his "good-will" account.
It will take a long time of sound "good-will" management before I would consider lending Heatley any "good will", over and above his earned balance.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 major flaws in your argument;

1. Raison D'etre - Hockey clubs exist to win. Everyone, from fans, to players to management knows a team MUST do whatever it feels best in order to win, WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF SOUND MANAGEMENT.
The Sens never threw any of those people on your list "under the bus", as they all knew the reality of playing, or working within the NHL when they signed on. There is nothing new about trading players, or not resigning contracts. At no point did the Senators refuse to pay a player or employee, or engage in any sort of "hold-out" in order to force someone with whom they have contractual obligations to "voluntarily" waive their rights.
2. By publicly demanding a trade, Heatley inflicted damage on the Senators, by reducing their negotiating power, and thus gaining a reasonable return on an asset. For what? More money? No. Better media exposure? No. Better ice time? No(if one believes floating will gain you ice time in another city, then they lack credibility. Dany would likely suffer the same demands of harder effort where ever he went, he just refuses to accept it). A better shot at the Cup? Maybe, but that's a lot of ifs, even should he go to a top contender, and nobody from either side is claiming that is a reason behind this detante.
So, how were any of those people on your list "damaged", or treated unfairly?
1. Vermette is gaining more ice time, and a bigger role, while earning the same money, on his new team. He was traded, like thousands of other NHL players..what a shock!
2. Auld will likely earn more starts in Dallas, and won't be riding the buses in the AHL, or the press box in the NHL. He must be furious!
3. Redden signed a 39M/6yr deal in NY. No doubt he would have happily accepted 2M to remain in Ottawa (uhmm, Is he worth 6.5M/yr? No.
4. Mlakar knew he wasn't coming back. He remained this year in order to bridge the U18 year. This was well known by all parties. Do you really think Mlakar had other options, but Melnyk refused to allow him to pursue them? If so, please provide further information, otherwise you're just making shit up.
Care to add to your know, the one it would take "days" to get through?

Canucnik said...

Anonymous 11:15

Ya gotta identify yourself or stop spewing this "Company Man" propaganda, it not a bad spiel but we get enough of it from the Sen's PR Dept.

I don't agree with every thing GN says but having you throw that "Old Boy rah rah shit" at it when you will not put forward a criticism (that is not part of group think)makes me sick.

So piss off until you take an identity and we can proceed to kick your ass!

Grinder said...


I won't go through your list, because frankly, all your points are somewhat valid... as are mine. And you make mine for me too. Each team or player has his own motivation and perspective on any issue or situation. The result of a trade, strategy or move doesn't matter. Chances are Heatley will benefit from a move to a new city too.

Furthermore, Heatley hasn't been a "hold out" yet either. If he doesn't show up at camp, then sue him. That's not the same. that's being a Yashin...

So far, all we have done is trash the guy for expressing his wish to leave. His tactics were pathetic in my view and his silence makes it pretty tough to understand, but I sure as heck won't line up with the lemings who are calling him names and suddenly suggesting that ALL HE CAN DO IS SCORE.

That's quite a commodity on a team where virtually nobody else can score, except for Alfie and maybe Spezza. (Kovalev too on every second Saturday, except if its humid).

Anyway, I was just having a bit of fun at the expense of morons like Brennan at the Sun, who have been crying like the pimple faced girl who got dumped before the prom.

Hockey has become business... has been ever since Gtretz was sold and Lafeur was benched. There is no real loyalty.

My point is "who cares", get over it...

Gerald Norton said...

Apart from spewing criticism of my post, your view is what?
Just because my view reflects your unilateral view on "group think" does nothing to preclude its validity.
Infact, to even advance a theory that "group think" defacto represents false reality, is a true expression of a lack of critical thinking.
By the way, it was "anonymous" because I mistakenly hit the wrong tab.
So much for the "insideous" implication you made in reference to "anonymous".
You feel "Canucknik" is more personal than "anonymous"?
What never ceases to amaze me is the false impression people live under when asking for "personal" accountability on inherently anonymous forums.
Again, another sign of a lack of completely grasping the reality of the situation.
You're certainly entitled to your opinion Nik, but, if you think you are right, because you are willing to spew shallow vitriol...well, I think it says more about you, then the opinion you criticize.
As for "kicking my ass".
Uhm, you don't actualy think I could give two shakes at what you or anyone posts about my opinion, when their goal is to "kick its ass"?
How old are you? 12?

Gerald Norton said...

BTW, not interested in a "flame war", so enjoy "ass kicking" on your own, if you must, for whatever reason.

Grinder said...

Whoa... Gerald, you sure pulled out the big words in THAT post! At least now I'm not the only person who is too verbose and who is prone to ramble... LOL! You will learn, as I have, that Nik makes many very valid points. The flame throwing is part of the deal with him though...

By the way, my real name is not Grinder - but please don't tell anyone.

Also, please don't lecture me about sound management, unless you are willing to spot me the $12,000 I just dropped on a ticket package again this year, to support a team that keeps getting worse!

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