Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Heatley to Edmonton? Or no? Yes? WTF is it? (4:48 update)

4:48 Update from Senschirp that McKenzie said it is Edmonton or Ottawa at this point as the Rags won't up the ante. Does this now make sense how cops can get confessions out of guys after shining a light on them for 36 hours? You pound the same stories into our heads for a week and at this point, I think most of us will be relieved to have Dustin Penner on this team! Not really, but you get my point, eh? Let's just end this. He and Khabibulin can rent a place.

227pm - According to the mecca of Sens Beat, Heatley is now once again considering the Oilers deal. So is this a sad story of Heatley and the Rags wanting each other, but Murray and the Oilers wanting each other, and who will blink first? After seeing how Murray handled Meszaros, and seeing how he tore apart Jim Fox, my money is in his corner. Interested to see if Heatley's agents are still negotiating with Slats or not.

Stay tuned. Isn't this fun?

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Canucnik said...


GN says he is pathological, I think he is a "Sociopath"...he lacks any social or moral responsibility. The eyes...the lack of waves in the brain...

The Rangers are probably a better deal for us and them...Bryan wants to send a message to all screw with us it's exile to Edmonton...where they will wear you out and you never return...