Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rumour Has It (Updated: 12:35am)

(Update: 12:35) Per Bob, the $4M bonus is actually not due until TOMORROW at midnight, not tonight (half an hour ago). This changes things a bit. Not much, but a bit. On one hand, we still have time to move him before Euge strokes his pen for $4M. On the other hand, he's still a Senator and he still did just turn down a deal to the Oilers. Not sure his neighbour can defend him on this one, eh?

(Upadte: 12:10) Wow. Heatley nixed the deal. When put in a position of rot in Edmonton or rot in the hell that you've created for yourself in Ottawa, he chose the latter. This is absolutely insane! If he hadn't already done irreperable damage to his character before tonight, his neighbour and he certainly finished off the remaining believers. One day, I hope we get to the bottom of this sad, sad story.

(Update: 10:56) All the credit to Garrioch on this as all the majors are picking this up. Eklund added a tidbit that apparently Heatley rejected a trade to Edmonton two days ago. That obviously is not true, just based on the source. But in all seriousness, this sucks for Heatley. Not that I feel sympathetic at all. I actually love it! The dude wants out of Ottawa and will now spend the next five years in a truly miserable city. You think he can talk his way out of there next year? I see the power of the NMC - it ensures you don't get Munson'd out to awful cities. This is obviously an exception because he demanded the trade, so again, no sympathy from this guy. But 5 years in Edmonton? Wow.

(Update: 10:32) Even TSN is getting in on the action and are siding with Garrioch.

So we officially have a stand off of rumour-mongerers. In one corner, Booboo Garrioch professes that a deal is pending Heatley's approval and he's likely headed to Edmonton for a steaming pile. In the other corner, exiled HB blogger Kevin Lee is swearing that he's already been dealt to the Rags. One is a respected member of the least respected newspaper in town, the other couldn't keep it together long enough to stay on an anonymous hockey blogger's site.

After much thought and sway, I am starting to think we're stuck with this contract past the beginning of UFA period tomorrow. I have made it a habit to be 100% inaccurate in all predictions and guarantees, so let's see how this one plays out.

In the meantime, Chris Neil did us all a favour and rejected a supposed 4-year, $1.7M per year deal. I liked Neil and was hoping we'd keep him, but that contract rejection is ridiculous. Perhaps that isn't what BM is actually floating out there. Hossa has also turned down the lifetime contract with Detroit ("you told me you'd beat Pittsburgh again, you bastard people!"), Komisarek is going UFA, and tomorrow might turn into a pretty spectacular day.

One thing is for certain in all these Internet rumours - we're going to be taking back a bad contract. We're just not going to get out of this without taking one back, folks. Another thing is for certain in these Internet rumors - Jeff Goldblum is still alive.

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