Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NYR no longer have cap issues

Gomez to the Habs for Higgins. If the Rags send Redden down, then they've just dealt with $14M in salary. Personally, I think Slats just jobbed Bob Gainey. Talent aside, Gomez for another 5 years at $7.3? Yikes! Obviously, the rumours are flying about how this opens the door for Slats to go get Heatley without the salary dump coming back our way. I don't know if that's as big of a deal as much as it allows Slats to play in the UFA market tomorrow.

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Canucnik said...


Sather is dumb lucky!! I think he takes a run at Hossa first.

Read my lips Heater is toxic and expensive. The term also hurts...he's ours till the trade deadline and he's sitting 2nd in the scoring with 40 goals.