Sunday, February 07, 2010

Stay the Course, Boys

Thoughts from last night's game in Toronto:

1. If you missed the game, here's the recap: basically, every Sens player had his worst game since the streak began. Done.

2. I am going to be really upset when I start seeing pundits and fans saying how they were all waiting and expecting Elliott to crumble. Get a grip, guys. The kid just rattled off 9 straight wins and played stellar hockey. He's allowed to have an off night from time to time. We didn't do him any favours taking the first five penalties of the game and we were all due for a stinker. I have no problem seeing Elliott back in the net Tuesday against the Flames - he's earned it with getting us comfortably into fifth place and if you are still doubting him and are using last night's game as your pudding, then you are as bad as all the other Chicken Little fans we have in Ottawa. Give the guy some support!

3. Given the circumstances surrounding the Leafs and their GM, was there really much doubt that they'd be emotionally charged in that game? They dominated us start to finish and you have to think that there was more on their side than just a strong forecheck. I'll give them the credit for that one.

4. Remember when we were all angry with the CBC for showing favourtism in televising all Leaf games on HNIC? After listening to the travesty and aberration that is a Bob Cole game, I wouldn't mind never having to be featured on Hockey Night again. I'm sorry for those that think he is a legend. For me, he makes me want to puke. I actually don't even hate the Leafs anymore, but I sure as shat hate their broadcasts because I have to listen to his screaming at the end of the game for Giguere's shutout. Add to that the Healy nonsense of saying how Phaneuf has changed the culture of the team (in less than a week) and how Schenn is a whole new player (in one game). Remember that this team is in LAST PLACE in the conference and was 24 hours off a blown two goal lead in the final three minutes of a game. Bob Cole's desire to see Toronto win is matched equally with his excitement at seeing the Sens lose and when one leads to the other, he becomes unbearable. I'm sorry, that was pathetic. Galley was doing all he could to point out that the Leafs were fresh off a blown lead, but to no avail. For those wondering where Harry Neale went, he is the colour man for equally obnoxious Rick Jeanerette in Buffalo. I honestly think that I could watch the game in mute and not really hate the Leafs as much as I used to, but listening to that buffoon with his sidekick at ice level just ruins the night. Here's to tradition, right? From the same network that continues to try and make George Stroumboulopoulos relevant, I guess we're crazy to expect otherwise.

5. Four more games until the break. Earlier in the season, it would look like an intimidating stretch having to play Calgary, Washington, and Detroit before finishing against the Islanders. Calgary and Detroit are both reeling and somebody needs to knock off Washington from their streak, so wouldn't it be nice to rattle off a few more wins before the Olympics?

It was a stinker last night, boys. Put it behind you and move on. Free pass to Picard for getting off the rust, but he can't look that bad again Tuesday. Campoli, on the other hand, can't use that same excuse. Just a quick reminder that the D needs to work harder in front of our net. If Elliott kicks out rebounds as he did when he lost his cool, the D owes it to him to pick him up a bit.

One last note on rumours. Friedman said something on Hot Stove about Svatos wanting out of Colorado and did I hear him say that Clouston knows him and wants him? I couldn't tell if I caught that right. Not sure if I care for Svatos. Also interesting was that Ray Whitney said he wants a 3-year extension when he gets traded, thus nixing a deal to the Kings. Considering our cap situation, does that not rule us out? Again, think under a million bucks for a third liner, unless Murray blows minds and can move Cheechoo for nothing.

Question - would you trade Cheechoo and a second round pick to the reeling Thrashers for Afinogenov? You get a scorer on a one-year deal and you move the albatross, but lose a second rounder.

Happy Super Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Cole was v. annoying I had to close to mute the TV. The Afinogenov deal is ok for sure if available. Give him a chance with Kovalev. I think BM will take any reasonable effort to move Cheechoo.

Master Of Puppets said...

In a word. Yes. Even if Afinogenov shits the bed, the cap space could open the door for moving a bubble D or two for a decent D. MMs brother would be a nice add.

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Anonymous said...

I would move cheechoo in a heart beat

Anonymous said...

Definately move Cheech for Afinogenov. The cap space next year would be great and he add's instant scoring depth.
Michalek - Spezza - Alfredsson
Kovy - Fisher - Afinogenov
= Instant awesomeness.

As to the broadcasting, I'm just thankfull that Galley was there, he helps to abate the stabbing, searing pain that is Cole's voice in my ears.

Also, did anyone else notice how soft - i mean REALLY soft - our defence looks with Karlsson out? It wasn't stellar before, but now . .

GelatinousMutantCoconut said...

My deadline wishlist for the Senators is a forward and a defenseman. Specifically Seidenberg, and one of Armstrong, Torres and Comrie (in that order).

Rink Rant said...

What’s the most deflating part about our beloved team snapping their win streak to the leafs? Having Bob Cole call the game. Seriously, I know the leafs have an immense following and will always take the lions share of coverage but do we really need this guy acting like your annoying leafs fan uncle who’s on ecstasy shouting has ass off? ”OOOOOOOOOOOH and the leafs are in COMPLETE control of this one!” (Said in the first period after as you mentioned they dropped the same lead in the third 24hrs earlier). I was grinding my teeth the full 60 mins. This isn’t the team 1200 or Fan 590. This is a national broadcast. Listening to Jim Hughson call the Oilers game after felt like I was listening to the measured tone of the Dali Lama. I know we’re entering years of beating this dead horse of a topic but that is only further evidence that the guy has got to go. I’m not just saying that as a Sens fan (though it does fuel the fire). I read a great piece in the newspaper a couple of years ago where the writer suggested that Cole be given until the end of the 2008-2009 season then brought back for the 2010 Olympic games for his swan song. A place where his verbose homer play by play could at least be embraced by the entire nation for a change. He could go out on a high note. Legend? Debatable. Makes six figures a year? Likely. Barf.

Cole’s hot air aside the boys were putrid. I’ve been bracing for a loss since around game 7 of the streak. Its been blissful. That said, Saturday our D left both our goalies out to dry and our forwards had very little edge. The Sennies have been by bursting with that same commanding jump that the leafs showed against us. Lets hope it comes back to them on Tuesday.

Lastly, if there’s any silver lining to this it’s that hopefully it gave Brian Burke even the tiniest happy distraction from the absolute tragedy he is living though. My heart goes out to the guy and his family.

Dadeleine said...

I think it was also clear how the improvement of Kid Karlsson and, conversely, his absence in TO was glaring. We couldn't get out of our zone, it was pretty basic really. Karlsson kills a strong forecheck with his skating and smarts (and freshman je-ne--sait-quoi).
He may be a rookie, but he will be sorely missed.
Get well soon #65....