Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Duh - One Goal Wins are Important!

Quick note this morning following last night's W vs. the Flames, which I unfortunately didn't have the luxury of watching. I did, however, note the final score and as Duff pointed out to me - another 1 goal win. By my quick count, that makes 15 thus far, Shooter. And that doesn't include wins where we pot an empty netter, which should also be considered one goal wins. So, my guess is that half or more of our wins have been decided by one grape (including ENs).

Sure, we all love to see our team win a 7-1 barn burner where even Cheechoo scores! (ok, I'll lay off him for now...) But you know where one goal wins are crucial? The playoffs. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing this group can hold on in tight games and come out on top and gives me confidence as the post season approaches.

And speaking of the playoffs, last night's win brings back our need to play .500 hockey for the balance of the season to hit that magic total of 94 points. While the 94 mark may be more than enough to get us into this post season in this year's Eastern Conference, I still prefer to use it as a benchmark that we need to shoot for (well, actually, I'd like then to shoot to win the next 22 games, but I'm not a delusional Leaf fan).

Tomorrow we host the Caps. Remember when they were bad not too long ago? Well those days are long gone as Captain Ovechkin seems poised on taking over the world. As we prepare, the hot topic for today will likely remain - will Carrie Underwood be cheering for Canada's Olympic Men's Ice Hockey team? Errrrr, I mean, the hot topic will remain who will start in net??? Should another solid performance from the BE Keeper warrant another start? Is he our #1? Or does Snoopy deserve a chance to start?

I say give it to Snoopy. I'd like to see him get so jacked for this game that he (slash, we) beats the fearless Caps. Or, he stinks it up and we give the weekend to Ells. Then again, I don't coach the team.

Oh, I nearly forgot, while I missed the game last night, I did catch the hightlights this morning and was delighted to see the post game interviews...cause the boys were on the bikes!! I love it! Reminds me of good ol' times and confirms to me that this group is the hardest working in the league.

Pedal on, boys!


Rink Rant said...

AHHHH Great effort from Cheechoo last night. Guy played a great game! My Unsolved Mysteries theory still stands though!

Christian Haines said...

thats classic!
I like what i see!

SENS FANS see my blog too please!


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