Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sens Need to Score Early, Often

What's the most important thing tonight for Ottawa versus their provincial rivals? Offense. While we all snicker about the Leafs lack of offense this year, we only have 3 more goals (and one fewer game). Toronto is, not surprisingly, sputtering with a dismal group of forwards, our guys have been disappointing so far this season. The difference for us is that we have scoring talent, or supposed scoring talent. I don't need to name names here, but the fact is we need to get it going, and tonight's the perfect night to do so. Here are my reasons:

1. Having our old rivals in the SBP is always special. It's always a perfect opportunity to stick it to all the Leaf fans that come our in flocks. Let's score early and often.

2. The "monster" gave it away that the Leafs are likely starting Toskala. While once a good starter in SJ, Vesa has struggled in the lights of TO and his confidence appears shot. We need to get under his skin. And if it's Gustavsson between the pipes, he's coming off a shaky start and I'd like us to take it to him again, making Burkie look bad.

3. Toronto's D corps is truculent, belligerent, and...overrated. Schenn is having a typical sophomore slump, Beachemin has been exposed, Komisarek's hurt, and so on. We should be able to take advantage of this group with all of our 4 lines.

4. And frankly, Toronto's bad offense gives us a chance to take advantage of our breakout - move the puck quickly out of our zone and counterattack effectively.

Offense is key in tonight's win, but also to finally get it started this season.

Personally, I'd like to see a 14-1 win (expecting Leclaire to give up one softie). Delusional? Yes. But what's your prediction?


Canucnik said...


You are no British School boy educated Canadian Nationalist...offense is an Amer. football term used by Amer. coaches with Amer. players...we Canadians go on the "Offence!" and play "Defence!".

This is CiCi vs the Zebra's tonight!

Anonymous said...

Ja, sennilega svo pad er