Friday, November 13, 2009

Late Day Thoughts

So, we all saw the stinker last night. It is what it is. What I wanted to discuss today was the fact that Clouston left Snoopy in for 60 minutes.

I've been a huge Leclaire supporter this season, and I'm not jumping off the bandwagon after his worst game of the year. But that's what it was, he was awful. He looked lost, allowing weak goals and playing the puck horribly. Yet, he was kept in the entire game. I had had enough after the 3rd goal, but he stayed in. Then I knew Clouston would take him out after the 4th, but nope! Wrong again.

In case you're wondering, I don't think goalies should be pulled after letting in 3 goals. I'm ok with leaving goalies in, unless they look bad. And Snoopy looked bad. He looked shaken, rattled, not himself. Taking him out of the game wouldn't have been a punishment, it should've been done to give Leclaire a break. It also gives Elliot some work. And who knows, it could've triggered the team that a much better effort was required, and maybe they would have a chance at a comeback. However, after the third goal, Leclaire let two more in, and we're all wondering who should start tomorrow afternoon.

If Leclaire had've been pulled, then I'd say to start him for sure. Despite a bad game, we could've reminded him that he's our guy and we want him in. But now, I don't know what I would do. On one hand, do you go back to Leclaire to give him confidence? Or do you sit him and give Elliot the work?

What would you do?


GelatinousMutantCoconut said...

I would give him a break. Sit him down and say: "Snoopy, you are so much better than the way you played Thursday night. Maybe making you start 14 out of 16 games after you were injured for almost the entirety of last season was a mistake. I'm going to put Brian in against the Rangers, and then you'll be back in net next game. I'm going to give you a bit more rest. 3 games and then Elliot gets the 4th."

duff said...

Perhaps we should go back to Paddock's 'win and you're in' approach...

No, seriously, Snoopy still needs more time to get his swagger back and Clouston needs to make sure that sitting him from time to time doesn't slow down that process. Goalies are strange creatures and mental basketcases. Snoopy seems to be more confident then our others so I think he'll recover from Thursday and the potential bench spot today. What happens, though, when the relentless Don Brennan goes after him? We all know Brennan determines who stays and who goes, right?

Sacul said...

Clouston has done so many things right with this team, but maybe he has a few things to pick up about how to deal with those strange creatures we call goalies. You're right...when they look like Snoopy did in Philly, it's time for the mercy pull.
Clouston also seems to need to learn about loyalty not getting in the way of giving your team it's best chance to put up a W. Philly was the perfect kind of team to play a guy like Donovan (who should dress every game.) Now he finally gets to dress in an afternoon contest against the Rangers...gee, thanks coach. I bet he's back in the press box for Tuesday's game against the Toronto Truculents.