Friday, October 02, 2009

Heatley...I just had to...

First off, I don't mean for this to be an ongoing topic. As Duff and I discussed, we're not sure if we want Heatley to fail miserably or if we just shouldn't give a crap. In any case, I think it's fun to share/celebrate, if not just for this once, Dany's stats from his first regular season game in a Sharks jersey.

In 21:21 mins of icetime, Heatley registered:

0 goals
0 assists
3 shots on goal
and was -3
(AND, the Sharks failed to score on a full 2 minute 5 on 3)

I know it's only one game, but not a great start on a path to Emery's projected 60 goals (or Keith Jones' projected 70!!!). Love these predictions (as a sidenote, the guys at the 6th Sens have some fantastic predictions for the upcoming season, do yourself a favour and enjoy a good read).

Hope you're enjoying your greater role in Cali, Dany. And I hope this is my last post about him until we break down the Olympic roster.

Only one more sleep til OUR season opens!


Anonymous said...

I would like to table a motion for all Ottawa / Senator based media outlets, including blogs, to stop talking about Dany Freaking Heatley. The guy is an ass, we have figured that out over the last 4 months or about we just get over it and worry about the guys here. I really do not want him to be the next coming of some point we just have to let it go.

With the interweb, we can all scrape websites for his name with 0's and '-' signs in his stats lines... :o)

Rob R. said...

Hey pynch, you forgot to mention that he was relegated to the... get ready for it... SECOND POWER PLAY UNIT.
That, and he looked terribly slow. I mean, I know he's never been known for his rocket-powered skates or anything, but he was at least three strides behind everyone else on his line last night.
Oh, and that -3 is even more telling if you watched the game, which I did. On two of those goals, he was about 6 feet away from the shooter, and just watched the guy go in and score, instead of actually trying to strip the puck away. Good stuff.
Oh my gawd... he'll probably ask for a trade next week.


Rob R. said...

Also, I agree with Anon above me previous post, but I'll just say this...

The guy held our team hostage for an entire summer, and completely handcuffed Murray from making the changes he probably wanted to make.

I say we're entitled to at least enjoy a shitty game from the guy once in a while - it looks good on him.

Master Of Puppets said...

Exactly. Maybe not a full post, but a side tracker or counter simply: DFH 0 pt games: 1, just for this season. Each time he lays an egg we can smile and enjoy the day, almost like a sens win!

Canucnik said...

Guys...this is bad karma, if they are playing him 22 minutes, split between Marleau and "old Joe", heatley has been told to just stand there and knock 'em in! And we know he can still do that...let it go!

Canucnik said...

Guys...this is bad karma, if they are playing him 22 minutes, split between Marleau and "old Joe", heatley has been told to just stand there and knock 'em in! And we know he can still do that...let it go!

SCSF said...

Watched the game on Versus and the "3 shots" doesn't do the douche justice. He missed the net several times, including one muff from the right side of the crease with the net wide open. As usual, he barely moved from the slot and just sat around getting feeders all night long, doing his weak Phil Esposito impression.

As far as being relegated to 2nd PP, perhaps that was the case, but he certainly got a lot of time... I'm too lazy to check the boxscores and compare PP stats.

Anyway, time to watch a few minutes of Florida-Chicago before heading off to be productive.

Anonymous said...

I love the Heatley watch. As a matter of fact, I believe we should go even further. An incredibly wise, awesome, and insightful blog operator could, for example. Keep a running tab of Heatley vs. Michalek/Cheechoo stats all year. And we could have a prize at the end of the year. Well the prize would be given to Brian Murray actually. If the latter two win - he gets to keep his job!


Anshu said...

I also support a Heatley watch, and certainly won't mind seeing posts which discuss his performance in San Jose, particularly in cases like this when he sucks.

The bad karma is Heatley's. If that means a slow start, or even a sub-par season, maybe he'll learn from the experience and be less selfish in the future.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it continues, I think the best result is he has a terrible start to the season and by december has only 15 pts. The guys at Hockey Canada take notice, and opt to invite Jason Spezza to camp in his place. Heatley never recovers from the rejection, and wallows the rest of his contract on SJ's third line trying to get passes from Manny Malholtra. Book it!

Grinder said...

Well, we might not want to sound too smug after only one game...

By next month when Heatley is scoring at one point per game minimum, Cheechoo's only chance at a shot on net will come if he turns and shoots at Pascal Leclaire.

I say bid Heatley farewell and ignore him. We can only get hurt here. We are screwing the fat chic and dissing the runway model that just dumped us.