Saturday, October 03, 2009

And then there were 81

I'll get a full game report up Sunday morning, but my thoughts on tonight's bout with the Rags was one of excitement and letdown. Excitement because Pascal played lights out hockey and gave us all hope that any problems we have this year will be somewhere else on the ice. Excitement because we played our first meaningful game since April. Excitement because we have a slew of new players trying to show what they can contribute to this re-launch of the Sens.

But the letdown was in the finish. And by finish, I mean we had none. Tons of shots, no finish. Michalek and Shannon both had clear cut breakaways and were stoned. We put up 20 shots in the second period and managed to squeak just one past King Hank. And we were defensively shut down in the third period and could hardly set up in their zone at all.

Listen - it's just one game and we would be out of our minds to judge the team based on one night's performance. Especially on a road game to open the season when their goalie stands on his head. But if goal scoring was a concern of the Sun writers in the media in the preseason, they certainly will have something to write about tomorrow.

These dudes need to put some biscuits in the basket!

All hail Pascal!


hambown said...

Weak defense. I watched the last two periods, and all the Rangers goals (besides the bizzarro empty netter) were a result of obvious defensive gaffes. Unless Karlsson proves otherwise in the next few games, he is not ready to compete with NHL forwards, and should play elsewhere. What's up Brian Lee? Also, can we get a defenseman who can skate and win a puck battle? Anyone?

hambown said...

I should add that Leclaire played very well considering what he had to face. Carkner was a mean bastard too, which is good, and didn't look out of place.