Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday Musings - August 3rd

1. So the Ottawa/San Jose/Montreal three way has gone mainstream, eh? Quote from Garrioch's source: ''If the Sharks don't have what the Senators want, then (GM) Doug Wilson might have to go get it from another team,'' a league executive told Sun Media on Saturday. ''The Senators want a proven scoring winger in return and that means you might have to get a third team involved.''. Au contraire, Booboo and source, San Jose does have what we want in guys like Michalek, Pavelski et. al. What they don't have is cap space. Moreover, can you tell me who the hell the scoring winger in Montreal is that we'd covet? They have three guys that can allegedly put the puck in the net and they were all signed a month ago. I'm not saying they won't trade any of those three, but...okay, yes, that is exactly what I'm saying. I believe Plekanec is their next potent scorer and he and his turtleneck can underachieve in la belle province for many more years to come. I'm not doubting the three-way rumours, but either Montreal is providing nothing more than cap space to SJ, or Montreal isn't the third team.

2. The Euge has been quiet lately. Is he stewing in Barbados and burning a hole through his bank statement that shows the $4M expense, or is he over this? The man has a few other business ventures going, for sure, but it is still surprising he hasn't dropped a nugget for Brennan in a while.

3. One more note on the Heatley trade, because there isn't much else cooking this week. Does anybody else think that Heatley is still coming to camp? Granted I think most rumours are nothing more than rumblings since Murray has always managed to keep things so quiet. I've gotta think that the calm before the storm (as far as comments and sound bytes out of Ottawa are concerned) might tell us that something is brewing, and it is something quite different than we've considered. Perhaps it is still something different like Minnesota or Dallas, or as hockeybuzz says, the Rags. And if you ever wondered where hockeybuzz got its Sens rumours, look no further for the source. Final thought - I still say there is no chance that Heatley puts on a Sens sweater six weeks from now.


canucnik said...


You are having a "Heater Block"...Dany is all ours...I project that it will be tough to get "market value" for him next year (2010) trade deadline.

Because J.(Judas) P. (Priest) BARRY is too chicken to talk...

McAlpine says: "Hey guys, this was all a big misunderstanding from the was business strictly business!"

PS: I've been trying to tell you for awhile now this is about POWER and the most POWERFULL man in hockey is still the General Manager...think weapons in an all out fight!

Anonymous said...

Elliot has been signed to a great contract. terms on sportsnet. Something is going to have to shakedown soon, since their cap hit went up (albeit not much), not down.