Thursday, March 02, 2006

St. Barnaby

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Matthew Barnaby, the leagues ultra super pest, has said repeatedly that he would like nothing more than to play for the Ottawa Senators. Seeing as the Hawks are selling, this seems like the perfect fit. I do understand that the Senators have more pressing needs but personally I beleive that Barnaby would be an excellent pick-up by the Senators and could play a major role in a long playoff run. If Muckler can secure a goalie I would suggest that Barnaby would follow in short order. So here it is: I GUARANTEE THAT MATT BARNABY WILL BE TRADED TO THE SENATORS before March 9, 2006. Yep, i said it, feel free to chastise if this does not happen.


Anonymous said...

What good would barnaby do? We have an abundance of 3rd/4th liners with more talent than barnaby. We need a legitmate second line centre to play with havlat when he comes back. Barnaby would not bring anything to the team we don't already have.

Anonymous said...

agreed - a goal scorer is needed - The Barn Door is not coming to Ottawa - period.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, I might agree with Matt here. Barnaby is a role player and that might be all we are after. With Havlat back, we won't need goal scorers, and Jokinen is going to cost us too much.

To make a splash at the deadline, we'd have to trade away from our current lineup. Who can you really take out of there right now?