Friday, March 03, 2006

St. Barnaby Pt. 2

After receiving much criticism for my Barnaby post I think the boys would be wise to look at my backlogged posts. 1st priority is a scorer period. If Muckler can get his hands on Jokinen, he will. Problem with Jokinen is that there are about 7 teams trying to get him right now, which drives up the cost considerably. Do I want to give up Havlat and a second for this guy? Do we want to give up Volchenkov and a first? It depends. Question 1: Can we sign him, because Havlat and a second is a lot to give up for a guy who may be with us for two months. Question 2: If we sign him, what happens to Redden and Chara. If we give this guy an extension you can all but say goodbye to one of the two stalwarts we have on the backend. Itdefinitelyy makes you think.

Number 2 priority is goaltending. Hasek will be healthy come playoff time and he will be ready to roll. It is imperative to give Emery a couple more games to prove himself. If he falters at all, an insurance goalie becomes priority number 1. Possible suitors: Roloson and Cujo. Nobody in the east will trade a goalie to Ottawa, which leaves two. Cujo does not want anything to do with Hasek and will do anything in his power not to come to Ottawa. Roloson has had an off year but a change of scenery would do him good. If Muckler decides to get a backup, I think it will be Roloson for a pick.

Finally, priority number three is characters and grit. You can never have enough. Barnaby is all character and ultra grit and would be great in Ottawa. It would be nice to have someone who can handle the media and take a bit off pressure off Alfie. Dallas Drake is another possibility but I truly believe Muckler wants Barnaby. We all know how he loves his old Buffalo boys.

"Muckler will be the most active GM this trade deadline" TSN


pynch said...

I love the TSN quote. I can't wait till deadline day.

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