Tuesday, March 21, 2006

North East Report

After somehow fooling themselves into believing they were contenders, the Boston Bruins have come back down to earth. They are officially out of the hunt for the playoff’s (not mathematically I will add) and are forced to play the role of spoiler. This has been a terrible season for the B’s and im sure B's brass cannot wait for it to end.

Still hanging on, but only by a thread. The Leafs have played some horrid hockey over the past two months but nobody in the race for eight seems to want to grab the horns and run. 5 pts back from Montreal and 4 back from Atlanta means that they are in a dire situation. I would say that even if they beat Montreal on Thursday and Saturday they still wont make the playoffs for the simple fact that they don’t have the horses. I know you all want to exact some revenge but lets get a grip and be thrilled when they don’t even make the post season. You can still make fun of all the Leaf lovers just the same.

The future is in their hands. It seems as though all they have to do is play just over .500 hockey and they can secure the final playoff spot. Gainey made a huge mistake by starting Aebisher twice last week and it almost cost them dearly, but Gainey is no fool and Huet will take the rains from here on in. All that said - Atlanta will take the final spot.

I like Buffalo. They remind me of the Sens about five years ago - young, small and fast. But we know where that gets you – nowhere. The Sens have given themselves a bit of a cushion over the sabres right now but there is still three games to play and the division will be decided then. On a side note – Maxim Afinogenov is one of the most exciting guys in the league right now.

Our beloved Sennies are right where they need to be and are showing signs of the form they had when coming out of the gate in November. Ray Emery has re-solidified himself as the goalie of the future and all lines are clicking. This team is poised to make a run at the cup and anything less would be a major let down. The Sens must win their division or potentially face dire consequences.

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