Thursday, March 23, 2006

Breaking the Unbreakable

For those of us that remember the earlier Don Cherry Rock 'Em Sock 'Em videos, I urge you to take another peek at Volume #3. Grapes outlines what he feels to be the most impressive NHL Records around, which his number one being his own Boston Bruins 1977-78, a team that had a whopping eleven 20-goal scorers. Impressive, and seen as unbreakable. Until now. Our current version of the Ottawa Senators feature a number of players at or within reach of the 20-goal plateau with 14 games remaining. To say that it won't be easy is an understatement, but with Neil in front of the net, Havlat coming back, Arnason coming into form, and healed injuries restoring our superpowered lines, it can happen. Now you know.

In my very professional opinion, it will be done. Observe and offer your own thoughts:

1977-78 Boston Bruins
1. Peter McNab 41
2. Terry O'Reilly 29
3. Bobby Schmautz 27
4. Stan Jonathan 27
5. Jean Ratelle 25
6. Rick Middleton 25
7. Wayne Cashman 24
8. Gregg Sheppard 23
9. Brad Park 22
10. Don Marcotte 20
11. Bob Miller 20

2005-06 Ottawa Senators
1. Dany Heatley 39
2. Daniel Alfredsson 38
3. Mike Fisher 20
4. Jason Spezza 18
5. Antoine Vermette 18
6. Peter Schaefer 18
7. Bryan Smolinski 15
8. Chris Neil 15
9. Patrick Eaves 14
10. Zdeno Chara 14
11. Tyler Arnason 13
12. Wade Redden 10
13. Martin Havlat 9
14. Chris Kelly 8

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Bank St. Parade 2006 said...

With Chara sitting out the weekend, it will take Arnason to put up a goal in every other game (possible), and Havlat to absolutely rip it up in the week or two that he is back.

Hey, it gives them something else to shoot for, eh?! Great stats - I never realized we were this close.

Newbie said...

This is exciting; however, I really don't think that Havlat or Chris Kelly have a shot in hell to reach 20 goals. Considering they only have 9 and 8, respectively, on the year, I don't think it is realistic for them to hit 20 goals apiece.

Despite that, there is still a great chance to break the record (or whatever it is)!!! Go Sens!!!

hockeydan said...

I'm sure I'll get flamed for this but Cherry is such a penis-head. Is that word OK moderators, b/c I promise I toned it down dramatically.

Sure he used to be a great coach and he has forgotten more about hockey than I have ever known, but he just drives me nuts.

Saturday nights won't be the same without him, but without him, they may be:

fashionably dressed.

SensFan44 said...

Yeah, you know Grapes has continued with the mind-loss pattern when he finally starts referring to the Leafs and the Sens as "we" and "they" during nationally televised broadcasts. "We need to stop letting them win the battles in the corners," said Cherry, finally taking his bias to a new public level.

I'd love to see the Coach's Corner the Saturday after the season if we can pull off the 11 20-goal scorers. Would he call in sick? Or blame it on the refs and the new rules?