Monday, March 06, 2006

North East Report

Today has been a bit of a downer for young Geoffrey and me. As much as I want to believe that this deadline will be as exciting as times past, it is becoming clear that it wont. Too many teams believe that they are still in the hunt. Usually, even teams that were close would still cut their losses, realizing that even if they did squeak in their venture would be fruitless. Unfortunately the Toronto Maple Leaves have come out saying that they believe that they will make it to the dance and Don Waddell has gone as far to guarantee it. What? I hate to break it to any Leafs sympathizers but if you have are more than 4 points out at this point - the season is over.

Today I will attempt to clear the air on the other teams in the NE division for you.

Montreal: Expect the Habs to add a strong defencemen if they can. Don’t be surprised to see Willy Mitchell in the red, blue and white come Friday. Les Habitants are also in the market for a good second line centre – but who isnt? Expect a prospect to go the other way.

Toronto: Expect JFJ to ADD at the deadline. I have it from a good source at MLSE that JFJ has been told that he cannot hold a fire sale and he is to try and improve this team at the deadline. You may see the Leafs try and land Witt and Arnason. He will not move his first round pick but will part with a number 2 or any number of prospects – including Matt Stajan.

Buffalo : Expect Noronen to be moved if they get a good return. The Sabres are in great shape for the playoff's as is - expect very little action.

Boston: Boston is not averse to moving Sampsonov but they are right in the hunt at this point and may want to make a late push. The one guy that I can see being moved is Raycroft. If they do move Raycroft it will be to the Oilers. The Oilers will give the Bruins what ever prospect they desire (not including Schremph).


Anonymous said...

I have it from a good source in MLSE that your source is wrong

Anonymous said...

Next you'll say that Lanny McDonald is coming back

Anonymous said...

Your rumours sound like the game has passed you by.