Thursday, March 09, 2006

Deadline Dud Pt. 2 - North East Report

Arnasen for Bochenski and a 2nd round pick: Arnasen is, by all accounts, a chronic underachiever who has never lived up to his god given skill. The Sens picked him up because he is a scoring center that may be able to produce in the playoffs. He has played a whopping 3 playoff games in his career. Arnasen is also know as having a poor work ethic and came to camp this year overweight. I do not like this deal because a second round pick is valuable and because I think Bochenski will round out into a nifty little player. All that being said, we needed a scorer and Arnasen loosly fits the bill.

Winner: Wash

Theodore for Aebisher: Pierre Lacroix has the most to gain and the most to lose out of this deal. Aebisher would not have taken Colorado to the finals this year but could maybe get the a few rounds. Now he has taken on an injured goalie that will be ready ONE-Week before the playoffs. Sounds insane right? But suppose Theodore gets back to form, which he very well could with this change of scenery, he could take them to the Promised Land. Do I think this will happen? No. Gainey played it safe, cleared cap room and now has two options in goal. Theodore would have never recovered in Montreal. Good move.

Winner: Montréal

Todd Simpson for a 6th round pick: Good job by Gainey. Montreal needed a depth defenceman and got one. A sixth is an insignificant pick.

Winner: Montréal

Luke Richardson for a 4th or 5th: As per usual the Leafs have no direction and bring an old man home for a victory lap. Excuse me while I vomit. Stupid move.

Winner: Columbus

Klee for Suglobov: Suglobov is Albany’s leading scorer. Eklund even went as far as calling him a stud. He is no such thing. He is 24 and not in the NHL. He will not amount to anything in the NHL. On the other hand Klee is about as useless as Geoffrey is on the mini-put course.

Winner: Toronto

Sampsonov for Reasoner and a 2nd: Fantastic move by Edmonton. For those who have seen him play, Sampsonov is highly skilled and has sick hands. He should be a valuable commodity down the stretch for Edmonton.

Winner: Edmonotn

Mikka Noronen for a 2nd: Congrats to David Nonnis for landing the best goalie available on the market. Ive seen Noronen play a few times and he is a great goalie who never got a fair Shake in Buffalo. Nonnis paid less than the Oil did for Rolosen and I think he is a better player.

Winner: Vancouver


Anonymous said...

I think it was a good deal. Arnason may be underachieving, but he is still one of the better second line centres in the NHL. I'm not sure how a 7th round pick can be underachieving by being one of the top scorers on the team.....but if he actually does "realize his potential" after a change of scenery, then Ottawa did very well. If he doesn't, then he's a cheaper version of Radek Bonk. Without the mullet.

pynch said...

Tyler Arnason - 1pt, +2 last night. Not bad for a debut in a 3-1 victory. Let's not forget, he played with Chicago. Perhaps he'll have the chance to excel with the cast in Ottawa, especially Havlat.

Montreal - Todd Simpson? We all saw how effective he was in Ottawa. A 6th rounder is not always insignificant. Remember Ottawa's 6th round choice in '94? But I do agree this will help MTL down the playoff stretch.

Toronto - I love ragging on the Leafs, especially while living in La Grande Fume. JFJ didn't improve his team, nor did he dump significant salaries. Best of luck to TO...enjoy the April links for the next four years!

Vancouver - no mention of their acquisitions of D-men? But I agree, Nonnis made some smart deals.

Good calls Williams. Don't let Duffy steal your thunder now that the deadline's past.

Anonymous said...

Arnason for Bochenski and a 2nd rounder is a wash? Once again, I wonder where you get your information.

Arnason is the second leading scorer in Chicago and was a +5 on a terrible team. Bochenski wasn't going to crack the Ottawa lineup for another two years and even then, he is simply a poor man's Peter Schaefer. He is too small for the NHL and will never amount to a top-six forward. Ever - and you can't argue with that. Second round pick? Expendable for a team with depth like Ottawa.

Get it together, man.