Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the Case for Chris Campoli

So I'm reading through various comments sections in the Sens blogosphere and read the usual rants and raves about Roman Wick being a 50-goal scorer, Regin winning the Art Ross, Karlsson breaking Coffey's records, etc, when I notice a trend. The trend that feels Chris Campoli "just didn't work out" for us and that he doesn't have a role on this squad for what he brings.

Let me get this straight. The kid made a whopping $675K (cap hit) the past two seasons, is one year removed from a 30-point year with us and the Isles, and managed to snag 18 points in 67 games last year when he wasn't being benched. We have no room for this guy? You simply cannot argue that he doesn't belong here based on his own individual stats.

That being said, I understand that this team has a growing depth chart and he won't crack our top four (Phillips, Sarge, Karlsson, Kuba). We also know that Carkner is on a one-way deal and will likely slot into that 5-6 spot. That leaves one final spot for Campoli, Lee, or Cowen to compete. We know how Campy does against Lee, so I guess the question becomes whether or not 1) Cowen earns a spot on the roster, and 2) we want to go back to three full-time shutdown defencemen like we had last year. Again, Campoli gives us a presence on the second powerplay and an ability to move the puck up the ice against third and fourth lines. He's a modern-day Tom Preissing, except his agent isn't informing us during the Stanley Cup Finals that he can't wait to leave Ottawa in the off-season.

I looked at defencemen with similiar point totals as Campoli, understanding that his offensive skills are the only tangible part of his game. Given that he doesn't bang bodies or block shots, he isn't really comparable to guys like Regehr, Jackman, and Zbynek, all players in Campoli's point range. But other names were guys like Joe Corvo ($2.25M with Carolina), Tim Gleason ($2.75M with Carolina), Brad Stuart ($3.75M in Detroit), Nick Schultz (3.5M in Minnesota), Andrej Meszaros, remember him ($4M in Philly), and Marc-Edouard Vlasic ($3.1M in San Jose). These are all offensive defencemen that are on the second pairing and second powerplay unit at best. Campy managed his points with 3/4 of a season and third pairing minutes in the 17 minute range.

So given that Campoli is fighting for a spot in the top six, what do you pay him? That's where I have a problem with the parts of the fanbase that are saying we let him walk if it is over $1.5M. You wouldn't pay $1.5M for a 25-year old defenceman that likes Ottawa and has put up 30 points a year? He isn't a star in his own end but he isn't bad in his own end, either. Personally, I'm comfortable up to $2M with the guy just simply based on the fact that anything more than that just screws up our cap number. In all honesty, I think his agent can make an argument that he's worth over $2M and he'd have a case. We just need to try and get a 'good deal' on the kid and get him for less than 2.

On that same note, I'm a bit tired of seeing people say that Kuba isn't any good in his own end. He puts up 40pts and very, very rarely is out of position or making bad passes. For whatever reason, fans demand that all six defencemen score 40 points, block 200 shots, and hit forwards into the 8th row. With our budget, we aren't going to sign 6 Chris Prongers. We have to find a healthy mix of offensive players, defensive players, and the occasional hybrid that can do both. We don't get pissed when Phillips doesn't hit the 30 point mark, so why are we pissed when Campoli or Kuba don't block 5 shots a night? They all know their role on this squad, but do we?

And that is my case for Chris Campoli to come back and be a contributing member of these defensive group. Agree or disagree?


Anonymous said...

The real question is what role does Campoli actually fulfill and what does he expect to fulfill. We need another big body to take serious PK minutes and Campoli just doesn't have the frame to do it. We need people who can clear the net, and right now only Phillips and Carkner can. Campoli's spot would be better served with Cowen or Lee.

Canuck Abroad said...

You are forgetting that Lee has a one way starting 10/11 season. If Carkner stays that makes the defensive pairs

Gonchar Philips
Karlsson Kuba
Carkner Lee

where does campoli fit in? pay up to 2 MIL for a 7th defenseman? that is almost as bad as our highest paid Ruutu Kelly Neil line, although against the checking lines of the league ours is up there.

Campoli doesn't fit in because we already have 3 offensive defence in Gonchar, Kuba, Karlsson.

Anonymous said...

I personally think we should keep Campoli. Cowen is the only option for him in my opinion, but it might serve him better to get some time in Binghamton and get used to throwing grown men around instead of the boys he used tower over in the juniors.

Lee on the other hand has never shown anything that would make him an option even for the 3rd pairing. I would actually go so far to say that his development has taken a step back when looking at his numbers from the A for last year (41 games played, 3g+12a=15p and -11). While he did play 23 games in NHL last year, he didn't exactly show anything to justify getting a roster spot full time. Granted, he didn't suck constantly, but neither was he great or even good on a regular basis. Even if he does have a one way contract i don't think he's up to it this year either.

I'd go with Phillips, Gonchar, Karlsson, Kuba, Carkner and Campoli with Cowen as an injury call-up. Even as an injury call-up Cowen will get plenty of playing time to prove himself.

On the other hand one of these three guys may have a monster camp and play a season that makes all of this speculation sound ridiculous in retrospect.
I doubt it, but hey: anything can happen!

The Dutch Treat said...

Here's my outside the box thinking...keep Campoli and find a way to trade Kuba. To me, they both offer the same abilities and upside, except one is cheaper by about $1.8 million a season. In the era where every dollar is needed under the cap, keeping Campoli over Kuba makes sense to me.

hambown said...

Hear hear. Keep Campoli. Lee is the 7th defenseman, Cowen plays out his last year of junior eligibility. He gets stronger, faster, plays a leadership role at the World Juniors, and walks onto the team next year as one nasty but mobile defenseman.

Meanwhile, Campoli (if healthy) does an exceptional job as the 5/6th defenseman and vindicates BM for trading for him. Can we please put this to bed?

Anonymous said...

wow...Cowen can't play in the AHL. It amazes me that people still don't realize that. He's under 20 and North American. That means that he either plays in the NHL or goes back to junior. He can't be an injury call-up, except in extreme circumstances.

duff said...

Can any of you honestly tell me of a circumstance where Brian Lee would be ahead of Campoli on the depth chart? Is there one thing he does better? I'm not sure the basis for his one-way deal and it might just be that the organization doesn't want to give up on a top ten pick, but he isn't top six here.

senzfan2006 said...

Anon 9:17 is right. Cowen HAS to play in the NHL next season otherwise it's a wasted year in junior with minimal development.

Lee is sadly on a one-way, however if it turns out he CAN play at an NHL level, his cap hit could be a steal compared to other young guys on a two-way who count for $1.3 ish in the NHL (like Cowen and Karlsson). Here's hoping The Bryan has seen some scouting we haven't and knows what the hell he's doing committing to this kid. I'd still like to trade him back to his native Minnesota for Cuma though.

Campoli > Kuba for the cost savings alone. We won the Hossa/Heatley trade (at the time...) because they had the same stats and Heatley was $3.0 million cheaper. Kuba is redundant with Sarge signed and Karlsson emerging. Nobody has been able to confirm if his NTC expired July 1, but if it has I feel that he's the logical choice to be traded to a team scrambling to hit the cap floor (NYI).

Phillips - Cowen
Gonchar - Karlsson
Carkner - Campoli

Anonymous said...

uh...I never said anything about a "wasted year"...that's nonsense. Your whole post smacked of bad opinion. Fail.

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