Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Two Must Read Hockey Articles

In light of the 4-game winning streak and the ridiculous news of Pascal's broken jaw (okay, so maybe he is accident prone...), here are two must-read articles.

The first has been out for a while (last April) and I think the good fellas over at 6th Sens and Ottawa Start have already referenced it. It is a piece from Bruce Firestone's blog about why they chose Kanata for the Palladium/Corel Centre/Scotiabank Place. In light of the complaints lately about the poor Sens attendance and the reminders of how long a drive it is, this article sheds some light on that decision. Bruce even references the parking/traffic situation. I remember as a kid growing up in Kanata, I had the chance to meet Bruce and even played a bit of street hockey with him and his son with a buddy of mine. He was a terrific person and judging by some of his other blog entries, he's pretty brilliant, too. Have a read here.

The second article is from one of my favourite writers, John Buccigross. We had a Q&A with Bucci over the summer, prior to him taking nationwide heat for telling hockey fans that Heatley was involved in a three-way trade with SJ and LA. There were two ways to look at his story - one is that he said it was a done deal, which makes him wrong; and the other way is that he said Heatley would be a SJ Shark by the weekend, which was right. Either way, Bucci is an incredible hockey writer and it is sad to watch him on Sportscenter having to sound interested in the reasons why the Notre Dame Irish suck. Anyway, Bucci blogs twice a week on espn.com and has put up a phenomenal piece on Brian Burke's son, who is a gay hockey man with Miami University of Ohio. As much as I dislike Burkie's status now as the Leafs GM, this is a truly touching story of the Burke family. Check it out.

Use these as a diversion while you wait for the NJ and Columbus games on Wednesday and Thursday.

Go Sens Go.


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