Saturday, November 07, 2009

ASB Happy Birthday Edition

As the Sens get set to face the Devils tonight, ASB would like to recognize Leclaire and his 27th birthday.

Happy Birthday Snoopy!

And as he blows out his pregame candles, you can bet he is wishing for nothing more than a big W Marty Brodeur and David Putty's Devils. NJ is on fire right now (pun intended), winning their last 4 and sitting in 5th in the East. Saturday night at home is a perfect opportunity to take them off their stride and give us a 2 game streak. An older, wiser Leclaire should be ready to make that happen.

As we wish Snoopy a happy day, it leads me to wonder what the other Sens would wish for when blowing out their candles. Here are some thoughts, just for fun...

Spez was all ready to wish for his first grape, but with that behind him, I'm sure he's wishing for a public speaking coach. But don't do it Spez! You're awful interviews are part of your charm.

Spez's new linemate/boyfriend, Milan Michalek, would be wishing for a mild Ottawa winter. This ain't watermelon country, warrior! At the same team, Cheechoo is not even thinking about adjusting to the change in winter weather, he's just wishing for an identity on the team.

AK27 would be wishing for your patience, while we all wish he came to play every minute. Now Kels is mad cause Kovy stole his wish, so he'll be wishing for new stick with goals in it, before having to resort to the old 'blade down the toilet' trick.

Winchester, Donovan and Shannon would all be wishing for a permanent spot on the team, while Lee is wishing people stop comparing him to Marc Stall.

Phillips would wish Volcheckov would heal faster, and that also goes for the balance of the D core. Picard would also wish to become captain someday, only to have the coolest nickname in the league.

Carks, who's birthday was this past week, wished to not be woken up from the dream. Campoli wishes to wake up from his early season nightmare.

Neil would be wishing to keep seeing his hit on Hedman, but also that all Sens road games are moved to SBP for the rest of the season.

Fisher would wish that he doesn't mess up the year he's having. Then we would thank God. Alfie would wish to retire as a Sen and have his number retired before his final game, matching my wish.

Clouston, of course, would wish for less penalties, a winning record, and that he never goes bald.

What am I missing? Who else needs a wish? Have some birthday fun and let us know what you think the boys would be wishing for if they were blowing out the candles today!

Oh, one more, his wish would be that I don't do this, but I'd like to wish my good friend Duff a very Happy Birthday today! Happy sweet 16 buddy...

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