Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Midweek Hodge Podge

A few quick hits:
- Spezza left practice early with bumps and bruises and is still probable for tomorrow night. I like to see that the new Spezza gets bumped and bruised - it means he's battling.

- Kuba is still out. Healthy salad Clouston says it is groin/hip/pelvis and they can't seem to fix it. To me, this is sounding less of 'day-to-day' and more like 'indefinite'. Meanwhile, Picard, Campoli, and Karlsson can continue their extended tryouts.

- Ilja/Ilya Zubov is 'on loan' to Russia for the year, awaiting his inevitable trade to the Coyotes.

- Earl McRae continues to maintain the low, low standards of all Sun writers. His comments about Ottawa fans aren't controversial, they're just dumb. Maybe that earns him a spot in their Digital Faceoff. Roy McGregor, please come home!

1 comment:

Canucnik said...

Tried to tell you guys, our bigger older D-men hurt @ Camp is a bad sign cause if you come in're hurt.

Kuba is serious. Volchy is on borrowed time...that's why they are in no rush to sign him.

Duff, you probably tried to play with a bad back...Jason has been playin' big time "Pro" for seven years with a terrible back...this is a shame because he was really goin' fast this year!