Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Domage; Sens lose and head back to drawing board

Sometimes, after a game like last night's loss to the Penguins, I wonder if Coach Clouston puts on a little accountant's visor and climbs up to a big drawing board like Wile E. Coyote would do after once again being duped by the Roadrunner. If he can find an ACME product that can solve our powerplay woes, I'm sure Eugene would spot the cash.

With regard to the game, we had to know the Hockey Gods would get us back sooner or later for the nice bounces we've been getting during the three-game streak. Last night, we cleared that slate as the puck just wouldn't go our way.

Credit to the team for keeping two of the game's best players off the scoresheet. It was a test to see how we'd handle a more prolonged attack (as opposed to the one line attack that Atlanta brings) and apart from some bad bounces, we held our own. There is no question we're a strong team and playoff calibre. We just need to iron a few things out, starting with a horrific powerplay. There is never a reason a team shouldn't go 100% on two-man advantages! And remember that Kovalev is a dominant PP forward. No excuse.

I'll say that I did like the forward lines tonight, especially Cheechoo with Spezza and the Watermelon Warrior.

It isn't critical, but it would mean a lot to end this homestand with a W on Thursday against the Lightning. This team is too good to drop to 3-3 right now. Plus, we only beat non-playoff teams!

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