Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Five Minute Major coming tomorrow

We've got a great Q&A coming tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. Come back to check it out. Tell your friends.

In the meantime, not much to learn from the loss to the Cats tonight, other than watching Karlsson and Picard basically battle for the 6th spot on the blue line, and to see how Pascal performs. Ottawa fans are excited to see the stars hit the ice tomorrow at SBP and see how this group really works.

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Canucnik said...

Picard...given a square chance...will play his way past Lee and Campoli, basically because his basic fundamentals are so good.

He is bigger, stronger and simply better @ defending. (We should be looking for the guy who coached this guy as a kid.)

Tonite CC and GC told him buddy you're lookin' at the "A" and he responded beautifully.

He and "Erik" together is a bit of a stretch at this point but it would certainly free up the "Order of Peck!"