Friday, August 28, 2009

SJ makes cap space; Heatley trade inevitable?

With the trade of Brad Lukowich and Christian Ehrhoff to Vancouver, the Sharks now find themselves in a position to acquire the Heatley. Is this inevitable? Is it pssible the Sharks just wanted more room under the cap? Maybe they're going after Kessel instead of Heatley. Or maybe Kovalev's second dream, the one of playing with Dany Heatley, will go unfulfilled as the disgruntled one is shipped to Silicon Valley.


pynch said...

You see? Vancouver and SJ make a deal and already we've forgotten about Kovalev's media faux pas.

SJ's cooking something I'm sure. Could be Heatley, but don't forget Boston still has to deal with Kessel.

canucnik said... is where it gets interesting!

Wilson clears 4.7M, thinking I'm going to have to give them something, player wise (Marleau) but I'm going to make Bryan eat the 4 million for making me look so bad this summer.

The problem...the NHL has not ruled on this trade in the event that the recieving team does not anti up the 4 million. It scews the CAP for each team...does Ottawa have to claim it?...does SJ have to pay it after all? have come this far bums...Marleau OK! (PS: You don't have to re-sign him right away...let's have a look at him first!)

Barry, you fortunite prick...if I was making the call...I'd hang you out to dry until the TRADE DEADLINE!

MacAlpine will try to portray this as a win...there is no win here...this hurt his man big time!

Anonymous said...

Michalek & Marleau for Heatley & Kelly?


Anonymous said...

yeah, I really hope that's it:

Michalek, Spezza, Alfredson
Shannon, Marleau, Kovalev
Foligno, Fisher, Neil
Ruutu, Winchester, Bass


Anonymous said...

canucnik the 4 mil has nothing to do with the cap number. the cap number only changes as the season progresses (if youve played half a season and get traded, the new team assumes half youre cap number). if heatley gets moved before game 1 then every cent of his cap hit gets traded even if weve paid him 15 mil in salary by then. salary and cap are two very different animals.

canucnik said...


We'll leave it till they get a ruling.

Old Chinese proverb: "People who are dead certain...are wrong about half the time!"

Anonymous said...

whos paul? and no, this isnt my opinion. that 4 mil has nothing to do with salary cap. absolutely nothing. theres no need to leave anything til anyone rules on anything. he got paid 10 mil last year, cap hit of 7.5; he gets paid 8 mil this year, cap hit of 7.5. let me know when you catch up.

Anonymous said...

who the fuck is paul? LOL