Sunday, May 20, 2007

BFF's Wayne and Geoff. I'd also ask that people start commenting on the blog so we know how many readers we have. Two topics to start - what are your thoughts on Geoff's playoff beard, and where were you when Alfie scored the greatest goal in Sens history? Post away...


Aaron Summer said...

That is a good lookin' man! And who is that next to him? Is that the Great One?

Keep up the coverage for those of us out here on the left coast that are lucky to see any games, and when we do, we have to hear about those darn Disney Ducks...

Brian said...

I read these things all the time, but I just never wrote back yet! I'll
write now, though.

I watched the game, I went nuts, and I celebrated with half the city of
Ottawa on the crowded downtown streets of my home town. It was like the
biggest gay pride parade in the city, except everyone was wearing Sens
jersey's. Unbelievable.

My prediction: The Sens have a solid 4-1 victory streak going in these
playoffs, I say Sens 4-1 over Aneheim.

Nice playoff beard.

DC said...

Great win & nice beard!! Glad Gretzky was wrong - I didn't want to come back to Ottawa - no need to grow any more grey hairs than needed! Delighted that Alfie was the hero after all the criticism he has endured. Nice to see he wants to make Ottawa his home after hockey, hell, he could be Mayor if he wanted right now!!

Heathro said...

I have to say from a female point of view, the playoff beard is a little less undesirable, but quite impressive nonetheless. Since our recent hoecky education by Geoff last weekend, we were watching the game in VA until suddenly right before OT ESPN decided to switch coverage to the Preakness instead. It was only at a bar later that night that we saw the box score and in drunken stupor had to call Geoff and try say something intelligible.

Chris said...

Nice beard Geoffy. I thought about growing one too but feared scaring my grade 8's students.
I too have been readiong these all along, but never wrote.
If Gretzky had made those predictions around me, I would have had a hard time controlling my comments. I might have responded, " what do you know about hockey anyways" and then ran away in tears. Very after school special esque.
As for the game.....the Williams family were holed up at the cottage but mamma williams ( for the first time ever)allowed a tv to be brought in, so we watched and we screamed and high fived and scred Marc's children half to death. Freakin' amazing, thats all I can say. Go ALfie Go

Robin said...

If only Dave knew how to zoom in!

Okie said...

Nice golf course.
Which one is Geoff ?
E-Ray over Gerber- my prediction in Nov 2006...
Sens in six over Detroit
Fisher will ferret out the holes in the opposition.
I'm not being Cheeky

Shawn C. said...

I was in my basement, I jumped and yelled, struck my hand on the heating vents.

Meanwhile my wife and her friend we upstairs, we told them the Sens won and they they said that they figured as much by the yelling and clanging of metal.

I listen to Buffalo radio every day on my commute, they are devastated, the talk since December was the Sabres going wire to wire this year.

Friends and family that are Leafs fans are avoiding me like the plague now. I have heard from them that Ottawa hasn't won anything yet, well stay tuned folks, soon enough.

hockeydan said...

Great story. Great picture. Great response. Great win.

Sadly, I have to identify with Heathro b/c I saw the Preakness instead of the game. I had my laptop with me so I followed the remainder of the game, but I feel like I missed it. Hopefully, we'll win another series and that will more than make up for it.