Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sens Game Report - Ottawa @ Detroit - 12.12.06

How the BALLS did we win this one?

The Balance in the Bank:

Final Score: Ottawa wins 3-2
Ottawa Goals:
Spezza (17) takes a Lang giveaway in alone and roofs a beauty over Hasek
Neil (9) tipping in a Schubert blast – I’m getting used to these goals now
Spezza (18, pp) on a goal you need to see, splitting the defence and blowing past everyone. Tell Pierre McGuire to watch this one, too. He glides, Pierre.
Making Sens: Emery, Eaves, Vermette
Lacking Sens: Volchenkov, Corvo, backcheckers, Schaefer, Fisher, Neil, etc.
It was over when: The horn sounded. We had no business winning this game
It was definitely over when: Someone told Emery that no more shots were coming.
Message in a Molson bottle: A combination of amazing goaltending and a kiss on the cheek from the hockey monkeys allows us to leave Detroit with a much-needed win. Its hard to build off this one because everyone was terrible in this game, save the goalie. The ice looked terrible and we were literally a step behind the entire night. This looked to be a tentative team out there, terrified of shooting the puck into the stands or icing it, because our transition game was left in Kanata, probably shopping at Bayshore or something. Ugly game, much needed win, thank goodness we have at least one goalie.
Courtesy Boxscore: http://scores.espn.go.com/nhl/boxscore?gameId=261212005
Next Game: Thursday in Nashville, Alfie might be back.

Three storylines to wow your friends over a Timmy’s double double:

A brief ray of sunny optimism
There are team wins and then there are games like this one. Emery finished the night with 43 saves and they weren’t those dumb ones like a dump in or Lalimey-type shots. He made some lights out saves and completely upstaged the q-tip in the other net. Based on the past two games, I have officially jumped the Gerber Wagon and am climbing aboard the Emery Express. I choo choo choose him to be our number one, a solid month after the rest of the fans did the same. This guy was awesome. If the Gerber for Cujo trade is at all possible, can I personally make the call to Wayne to accept? Great job, Rayzer.

Part Time Hero
Remember that old commercial that showed a young Chef Boyardee in an orphanage saying, “sister, why must everything that is so good for me…taste so bad?” It was genius, see, because it was motivation for the young toddler to grow up and create wonderful high-sodium pasta meals that are ready in just under three minutes. Hooray! I’ve obviously digressed here. I want someone to say to Jason Spezza, “Spezz Dispenser, why must your offensive creativity be so good for us, but your defensive play taste so bad?” His two goals are highlight reel variety and he follows that up with some ridiculous turnovers in our end. I still love what he does and continue to give him a long leash because he’s so young and tender, but when the frig is he going to be a Steve Yzerman and backcheck properly? By the way, the Detroit announcers asked him during a TV timeout what he got from Hasek for giving up #39. I guess he didn’t give him anything because Spezza netted two beauties on the guy. Shoulda just given him $20 or some hair gel or something.

A white elephant among the forwards?
I’m putting it out there for you all to toss around and do with it what you want. I think Peter Schaefer is a floater and is actually making his linemates worse. I thought he held Alfredsson and Vermette back and now I think he is holding Fisher and Neil back. He is never in the right place and he just seems to be lollygagging through the corners and skates away from pucks. Is he going to coast for the duration of his new contract? I think Schaefer was best in the past when he worked hard in the corners and dug pucks out and worked the boards, but he doesn’t even do that anymore, except in our own end before coughing it up to the opposition. What bothers me most is I don’t know if there is a player in the room right now that will pull him aside and give him one of those Jake Taylor-Roger Dorn speeches about tagging plays, regardless of his sty in the eye. Coffee, anyone?

Beaver Droppings
1. Detroit was credited with 13 takeaways, but they looked a lot like we just handed it over politely. Hey, that’s the Canadian way.
2. Hi, I’m Jason Spezza. I’m known to be good in the faceoff circle but tonight I won 3 of 16 (18%). I’ll try and do better next time because I’ve been told that my line isn’t so hot when we don’t have the puck.
3. Chris Phillips with 9 blocked shots. That’s wearing the C and wearing some pucks.
4. I think the practice tomorrow needs to really work on the Hennessy/Payer/Hamel line. Just kidding, they won’t see much of the ice tomorrow or Thursday night.
5. Badly outplayed in the first and third period, outshot 30-8 in those periods, 45-22 in the game.

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