Saturday, October 14, 2006

Greetings All,

Well folks, it has been a highly disappointing start to the season for Sens fans. Embarrassed by the Leafs ,beaten by the Sabres and stifled by the Flames. Our 15 million dollar top line can't score and our defense looks completely lost. We also now have a full blown goaltending controversy. Great.

Geoff Cheek and I have been jarring at each other for a few days now about the mentality of Sens fans and the direction of the team. Mr. Cheek believes that Sens fans are foolish to be critiquing the team at this juncture and need to calm down immediately. I on the other hand, believe that Sens fans have ever right to rip the team, chide Alfreddson and question Gerber.

Geoff would be right if this was any other team. It is early in the season and there are many games left to figure this out. But this is not any other team. This is the Sens. The perennial choke artists of modern day hockey. This is a team that has disappointed their fans at every turn. We have every right to question Muckler's moves (see the top three scorers and top scoring defencemen, you may recognize some of the names). We have every right to wonder why Alfy is still here and we definantly have every right to express concern over nearly every facet of this team's play. That is what being a fan is all about. Praising the team during the good times and getting on them during the bad times. It just so happens that we have never really enjoyed any good times.

I don't care what their record is right now, but I will say that Alfy has been mediocre at best and that Heatly has been invisible. Ill also say that Gerber looks like a goalie who has lost his swagger.

Feel free to express your frustration in the comments box below. Sens fans deserve it.

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Jon said...


Why cant we give these guys a hard time? They have brought me to tears every spring the past 7 years.