Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Good Time for a Change

As Mr. Geoffrey Tiberious Cheek informed you all in the previous post - the lines are going to be a little different tonight. I am indifferent to the change and expect a successful game for Alfredsson and Spezza - but Heatly on the other hand - that's a different story. Heatly is a pure goal scorer. He has never been a creator and never will be. Ive never admired players like this but they can be effective if they have a highly skilled player to get them the puck. Dany has always been blessed with a number of elite level plyers on his line (Kovalchuk, Spezza, Savard, Alfredsson) and tonight, for the first time, he will be playing with a rag-tag group of players. Antoine Vermette, although speedy, has never shown that he can playmake consitantly and although I admire Chris Kelly's work ethic - his hands leave alot to be desired. I expect Heatly to flounder tonight and be immediadtly re-paired with Spezza next game.


My trade rumor record has been pedestrian at best but the winds of change are blowing in Philly. Darien Hatcher is being offerd up to anyone who will listen and to quote Ed Snyder "Nobody is safe on this team". Now nobody is going to take Hatcher or Rathje of their hands so expect Hitchcock to be fired by mid-week if the Flyers continue to struggle.


Steve25 said...

Holy cow. I read your rumour on Saturday night and thought that it would be at least a month before any changes in Philly, but it turns out you were right - Hitchcock and Clarke are out.

Makes you wonder why Philly beat writers get paid when a Sens blogger provided the first definitive rumour-to-fact.

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