Thursday, September 28, 2006

VIP Mucks

Greetings Yall,

In my final statement before signing off in the summer, I made a series of bold statements that did not come to fruition. That being said, im glad one of them did not come true. John Muckler has managed to do an outstanding job this summer in putting together another formidable Sens team that may turn out better than last year. Dont get me wrong - we will miss Z terribly, but he has solved this teams most glaring weekness for over 7 years - Goaltending.

Martin Gerber does not come to Ottawa without critisism, but thats mostly from loser Leaf fans who are are so bewilderd by JFJ's moves that they don't bother critiquing their own squad. Anyone who saw Gerber play last year knows he is a gammer and can steal you a game if you need him to. What about big games you ask? He fizzled out in the playoffs? He was absolutly spellbinding for the Swiss in the Olympics and that says more to a European's big game potential than anything else. But more to the point - the guy lost 20 pounds with a vicious flu before the start of last years playoff's and I dare anyone to say that they could overcome that.

All in all, I think we have the most stable goaltending situation we have ever had in Ottawa and I commed Muckler on a job well done.


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Tim said...

LEts get it going guys. I need my sens fill.