Sunday, May 14, 2006

Ottawa Senators - D.O.A

It is with a frustration that I have not felt in 2.1 years that I write this post. Frustrated actually doesnt begin to describe the way I felt last night. Perhaps betrayed is a better word. But, like all things in life, there is always next time.

Next time however, wont be with the same goup most of us have grown up with. We have been with Alfy since 94. He has been the face of this franchise for over a decade and last night his run as our leader came to a fitting end - with him and Redden looking at each other wondering why Pomminville (who?) just skated though them.

Alfy wont be with us next year and I feel sad saying that. He was a part of the group that took the Senators from being the laughing stock of the NHL to perrenial cup contenders and back again. Alfy will be mised, but not in the playoff's when it counts.

Alfy cannot take all the blame though. We had spotty goaltending thoughout the playoff's and you had to expect that from a 23 year old back up. We had a laughing stock of a defence who seemed completely bewilderd at the speed of Buffalo's D. And we had a forward core who froze up completly after game 1. All of this adds up to a sure loss to the Sabres.

Next year we wont have Muckler back either. Muckler dropped the ball twice when it came to getting goalies for the post season. And you can expect him to step down from his role as early as this week.

Chara is almost certain to be gone. Chara simply couldent keep up with Buffalo's speed. Redden may be gone too if he tired of losing and seeks a break from what has been a tumultuous year for him.

Next year is certain to be a different one with lots of new challenges and a much younger roster. Unfortunantly Ottawa will not have a team as good as this one for a long time. You just have to hope that the future Ottawa Senators team plays its best hockey when it maters. Not in November.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to read the blog. That's it for me this year.

Til September.


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Goto said...

Well put - Bu Alfy and Muckler are not going anywhere.