Monday, May 08, 2006


What to look for tonight in Ottawa:

1. Ray Emery will steal some goals back - this kid is one cool cat and he will rebound nicely tonight. Having the ability to shake off a bad game and to adjust after losing is what makes winners stand out. Ray will do it.

2. Daniel Alfredsson will score - there comes a time when a captain recognizes what he needs to accomplish. He has been playing well enough to not be torn apart throughout the city for not finding his way onto the scoresheet too much. Solid neutral zone and defensive zone play has been his style thus far while the other stars are lighting the lamp. But it takes a deflating loss to ruffle the feathers and I would imagine Alfie knows this city needs to see him pot a quick goal to keep the scoring balanced.

3. Martin Havlat will dominate - this kid is one fire and has scored with relative ease on the Sabres in the few games he HAS been in. Count on more tonight as his speed and skill is just too much for the Sabres defencemen, who also have to deal with the Spezza/Heatley combo and a dangerous Alfredsson.

4. We'll have 18 checkers - this just in, Buffalo doesn't have a response to our physical game. Philly lost out because they were too slow to finish a check. If you add physicality to our speed, we should be punishing this team every chance we get.

5. Wade Redden has a positive plus/minus - does anyone question his mental endurance? Redds will continue on with the outlet pass but will have better luck in his own zone with a smarter Meszaros and an entirely more conscience team.

Keep this in mind - losers adjust. We lost and now we have to adjust to fix our mistakes. Every game is the most important one of the season, and tonight's edition is no different. Gotta win this one to go into Buffalo with some momentum and a shutdown mentality.

Enjoy the game!

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Anonymous said...

Cherry has it right - #11 is playing like a Jr. B 3rd liner. He needs to play with some passion and start making his teammates better.

#14 and #24 ( I refuse to use their names) are playing like shit.

Two lines are playing hard EVERY shift - Spezza line and Fischer's Line.

I am afraid to say no Cup in Bytown this year - they just don't seem to want it.