Monday, April 03, 2006

Dominik Hasek: July 2004 – April 2006


It is with profound sadness today that I announce the loss of one of the great goalie’s in the history of the NHL. Drafted in the tenth round by the Chicago Blackhawks, Dominik was overshadowed in his early years by Crazy Eddie Belfour. It wasn’t until his arrival in Buffalo that he began his super-human performances that left anyone who played him frustrated beyond words. From 96 – 99 I feel comfortable saying he was the best goalie of all time. He doesn’t have the career of Patrick Roy or the consistency of Marty Brodeur but he was, for all intents and purposes, an absolute stud.

It may turn out that my report is premature and the "Dominator" will grace us with his presence in the post-season – but that scenario is looking more bleak every day. Remember seven weeks ago when the strained adductor muscle was "day to day"? I do, and here we are now wondering when he will muster up the courage to put on his equiptment. I believe that he can clear himself before the playoff’s but not with enough time to start. If Emery keeps winning you absolutely have to go with the hot hand. You cannot switch horses mid-stream and expect success.

Dom will need at least 5 games before the post-season to prepare himself, which would mean he is playing next week – not going to happen. I think it’s time for us all to accept this loss and throw our support behind Emery. If that scares you remember two names: Kipper and Jiggy.


Denny said...

Did you not see J.M and Hasek hold a press conference???????? Hasek will be back by the end of the week. There is no way Razor will play in the post-season.

Anonymous said...

dom can kiss my ass,

Love Ray