Tuesday, March 14, 2006

People to Watch

Well my friends, now that trade rumor season has officially come to an end, Geoffrey and I have been racking our brains as to what I will write on next. After many a sleepless night I bring to you the "People to Watch" series. Twice weekly I will make an update of the front runners for the major awards categories. I encourage you to submit your own names and to let us know if we are way off. I am happy to edit my entries if the public sentiment is overwhelming. As of right now there are very few locks on any of the major awards so the list is likely to change from post to post.

1. Peter Laviolet
2. Lindy Ruff
3. Barry Trotz
Winner: Laviolet

1. Niklas Lidstrom
2. Sergei Zubov
3. Lubomir Vishnovsky
Winner: Zubov

Jaromir Jagr
Alexander Ovechkin
Daniel Alfredsson
Winner: Jagr

Alex Ovechkin
Dion Phaneuf
Sidney Crosby
Winner: Ovie

1. Mikka Kiprusoff
2. Henrik Lunqvist
3.Dominik Hasek
Winner: Kipper

1. Brendan Morrow
2. PJ Axelson
3. Scott Walker
Winner: Morrow


Anonymous said...

Hart Trophy . . . Joe Thorton.

Gibby said...

McCabe for Norris. He is the best offensive D-man in the league, Bar-none.

SensFan44 said...

McCabe is actually third in scoring among defencemen behind Lidstrom and Visnovsky, and McCabe is a -1 now to boot, so he shouldn't even get a nomination at this stage. People that think McCabe is a Norris candidate need to get past his first half hype and realize he is a terrible defenceman and really isn't that good of a scorer, either.

Anonymous said...

sensfan44 said it best. . . . .McCabe is defensively absent. -1 with around 50pts. Not Norris worthy.

pynch said...

you forgot Lundqvist for the Calder. Ovechkin will win it, he Henrik should finish 2nd.