Monday, February 06, 2006

Razor - Theo - Biro

Although I could really care less, there is no doubt in my mind that Seattle got jobbed yesterday night - furthermore that is the last Superbowl I will ever watch - has there ever been anything so boring?

Anyways, after speaking to a reporter in Buffalo, it has been confirmed that Montreal wants Biron - The problem is that Buffalo does not want Theodore. Montreal is going to have to do some manuevering to pull this off. Personnaly I think Biron would look great in a Habs uuniform - a great French-Canadian boy - he would be a darling in no time. I am also a big fan of Biron's and I beleive he is too good to be sitting behind Miller.

There is also a bit of Panic in Sens land right now but Muckler is commited to Emery and will not make a move for a netminder. Emery has had some ups and downs this year but its important for us all to remember his age - this is a young man who has some growing up to do and will be just fine down the road. Do I think we need to take out an insurance policy on Hasek - no! If need be Emery will be fine.

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