Monday, January 30, 2006

The Weight is Over

TSN reports that Doug Weight has been sent to Carolina for a series of 4th line players, a first rounf pick and two fourth round picks. Nashville, Calgary and Ottawa are all said to have been in on the bidding.

A week ago I though Weight would surely have been in a Senators uniform by March 9th - boy was I wrong. Im also pleased that the sens didnt pull the trigger. Weight, 35, is still owed about 2 million dollars on his contract and has made it clear that he will be re-signing with the Blues this summer. It would have been nice to see him in a Sens uni but the price was too high - especially the way the Sens draft. I have also heard that Melnyk has already decided that the Sens will not be spending any more money this year. I have a hard time beliving this one seeing as the source is the original whale himself - Wilber Watters.

Expect to see two moves from the Sens in coming weeks - I would be shocked if they do not take a run at Barnaby and I have a sneaking suspition that they still want a solid second line centre (Sorry Smoke).


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